Thursday, August 7, 2008

A day in the garden

Today was awesome! Dave was working for the past week, so we only recently had a chance to tackle some of our garden jobs before spring arrives. Above is one of those jobs we started but meant to finish. It involves pebble as mulch.

From the closest plant, we have Italian lavender - smells gorgeous! Then in the middle I planted some wormwood for my chookies, and lastly the Kumquat I planted about a week ago.

Same bed, different view - mostly to see the citrus we planted up the hill. There is three in this shot but hard to see in the distance. I still have to get around to finishing the stairs one day!

The other big project we had to finish was planting out our nature strip. As you can see it's on a slope, so did our bum muscles a world of good! Once these grow up, they'll attract birds and feed bees, as well as stabilise the slope more. It will also shield our house from the main street and serve as a wind break. Some of the winds we've been getting lately we'll need it too!

This is one of our natives up close. It's called, "Golden Diosma", and while the foliage is a lovely yellow-green, it also has a contrasting pink flower in spring! We planted a classic Honey-Gem Grevillea, a red Grevillea, some Lomandra grasses, Wattle and Mock Oranges as well - which aren't natives, but still have a lovely natural shape.

I hope they all do well. It was fun planting, digging, mulching and basically having a ball in the garden! It's what hubby and I enjoy doing the most. I can fall back into bed tonight, content that every aching muscle was worth it!

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