Sunday, August 17, 2008

What colour are my scrambled eggs?

This was the most incredible breakfast we've had in a long time. We try to have bacon and eggs every Sunday, but this one just put all the rest to shame.

The difference is 95% is homemade!

The glorious yellow eggs came from our own bantams, with homegrown herbs (Coriander, Italian Parsley & garlic chives) added. All placed on top of homemade (sunflower and honey)bread.

The bacon was the only food on the plate that was 100% processed. We could tell too. While it tasted like yummy bacon, it had a kind of plastic texture - much like the scrambled eggs we had with store bought eggs previously. We can only tell the difference now we've tasted it.

I've heard people rave about growing your own before, but honestly, this meal was meant for kings!


  1. Hi Chris & Dave, you got it, there is nothing better than home grown when it comes to food. The tastes have to be experienced to be believed!

    WTG! Blessings:)

  2. Thanks for your kind comment molly. It's not always easy growing the food, but boy is it ever so easy to chow down!


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