Saturday, August 23, 2008


You can always tell when the chooks go back on the lay, because I become obsessed with eggs! Lately I've had a pullet lay her first egg, plus 3 eggs in one day! That's a new record.

Someone laid their first egg out of 3 Pekin pullets! The two older girls have been working overtime.

I was surprised to find 3 eggs in the one afternoon collection! Needless to say, we're starting to run out of room in the fridge.

Size comparison. I haven't opened it up yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if the little egg didn't have a yolk!


  1. Wow Chris that egg-tastic, that your girls are laying. Ours have started laying 3 everyday since the weather has started to warm up. The kids call the little eggs, there special eggs... Was there a yolk?

  2. The warm weather is most welcome at our house too.

    I didn't check to see if it had a yolk or not because it was hard to open. I could have smashed it with a rock, but didn't fancy getting egg in my eye. ;) Not there was much to it!

    It's great teaching the kids were eggs come from, and like your children, our daugther thinks eggs are pretty special too.


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