Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First ever...

E - G - G - !

I know I'm making a big fuss over something so small, but hey, WE GOT AN EGG!

Now we've had our 5 Pekin hens and 1 rooster for 3 months, it was such a thrill to finally find an egg in the nest! It's so white and cute. I put it in the fridge with the other large variety, I bought from the supermarket. It's probably about three-quarters the size of the store bought eggs, but not bad for a bantam hey!

Way to go girls - you've made me so proud!!! I'll have to go find you some more beetle larvae to eat.


  1. Congrats on the first egg!

    We couldn't wait for our girls to lay and when we finally got that egg no one wanted to eat it! I think we thought it would taste funny, now we can't imagine eating anything else.
    How many chooks do you have? ~EmilyB

  2. Hi Emily. We only have the 6 pekins at this stage, but planning on more once we get set-up better.

    I would like some New Hampshires, Rhode Island Reds and Barnevelders (2 of each - total 6) as our main egg layers.

    Pekins are cute, but they don't lay eggs regularly. Speaking of which, we got our second egg yesterday. 2 in 3 days ain't bad!

  3. Thats great Chris! Have you eaten them (the eggs lol) yet? We have 3 chooks, they are a hybrid chook designed for cage laying, but we brought them as point-of-lays. They were the only p-o-l I could get at the time. We get 2 or three eggs everyday. I can not wait to get some heritage breeds, once the garden is up and runnin properly again.
    Do you know of any breeders locally? - EmilyB

  4. We haven't eaten the eggs yet because there's not enough to make scrambled eggs.

    Collected another one today though, so yippee!! That makes 3 now. One or two more and we'll have enough for breakfast.

    I do know of a lady in Fernvale (near Marburg) who sells New Hampshires. She sells other kinds too I think, but I was chasing the New Hampshires in particular.

    Her name is Rhonda and her mobile number is (0428 398 250).

    I've heard only good reports about her, so when I'm ready to get some she'll be the first person I contact.

    Hope your chooks are laying plenty of eggs for you - mine are certainly enjoying the longer days!


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