Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hilltop gets a nestbox

Made with scraps of pallet wood, it's basically just a box I knocked together. A little later I added a divider with some bracing to attach to the internal wall. Measurements of each box (once the divider was installed) is 40cm x 40cm. I used snake mesh as a base so the nesting material can breathe too.

Notice the light blue paint of the old cot? I recycled the lightweight moulding as a brace between the wall and box. Very crude and very simple, but it's nice to know the bits of old cot still come in handy.

Both the Wyandottes and Araucana pullets checked it out. I introduced the bantam Araucana's to Hilltop yesterday. It was a smoother transition than I anticipated too. Agape, the rooster, was a real gem. Not that the two Wyandottes were ever going to be a problem. They're more curious than territorial, but Agape made sure he kept them a civil distance away from his girls.

The only minor aggression I've seen - and it was only really today when the nests went in; was the Araucana pullets chasing the Wyandottes from underneath the nest-box. There was no pecking or squarking - just a persistent nudge to get away from the new play thing.

I really love the Wyandottes - they're such friendly things. They couldn't even wait for me to finish installing the darn thing, before they jumped onto it. I had to kindly remind one that I was still working. Afterwards though, I sat on an old milk-crate inside the pen, to see how they liked it. Once the Wyandottes had satisfied their curiosity with the box, they decided to come check out my milk-crate and pants.

If I had any specks of dust on my pants, I'm sure it was left squeaky clean after the girls had finished. They're really funny.

Look at the cheeky things. I took this photo from the milk-crate. One is pecking at my pants while the other decided to see what that shiny thing in my hands, was. Very amusing! It makes my time in the coop all the more special.


  1. Aren't they lovely funny things! Our Pumpkin has taken to sitting on my knee whenever I go to visit and loves to peck at my rings and buttons and anything else that catches her eye (she's a RIR). My Wyandottes are not so bold but I really love their natures - so gentle and inquisitive. Great nesting box - I'd like to have a go at something similar.

  2. It's funny how chooks take on such eccentric personalities. You never expect them to be so curious about your presence. It's like they're checking us out as we're checking them out.

    Strange but oh-so lovely too!

  3. I have got to ask, why do you have so many chook coops? Do the previous ones no longer serve the required purpose? Or is there some other reason.

  4. Hi Spots, thanks for dropping by and asking a good question.

    I wrote a reply recently (lastest blog entry) as it was worth exploring more in depth. Got me thinking. :)


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