Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rock Art

G'day, well I promised to share the art project Dave got into while carving away our rock wall. Thankfully, it was only a few metres of rock, but it was still time consuming all the same.

After about a whole day of chipping away at the rock, Dave got a bit bored and decided to make his labour interesting. He took a pick and started to chisel away at the rock face to create...well, a rock face!

We affectionately name it, "Raikea" because as we worked at separate ends of the wall, we left the "rake here", in the middle where the rock was - so we could both use it when we needed to.

And here's Dave, striking a pose with his new creation. It was chiseled from the rock face, closest to his straight leg. What started as a little creativity to break the boredom of rock smashing, became a friendly face to watch over the rest of our project.

So in a way, we will always have part of the original wall to remember.

Raikea is made from sandstone we believe, which is naturally occurring in our area too. So when you're next out in the garden, doing something really quite tedious, make a game of it and you just may find a memento to remember how you got through it all.


  1. How cool - I wish I was that talented LOL. Are you going to incorporate it into the final wall somehow?

  2. Actually we have been brainstorming where Raikia will end up living.

    Part of us wants to position it closest to where it was carved, but then it could get lost in the garden we plan for that area. The plants will be very important in reducing soil erosion.

    But then we've also discussed a place between the two walls, just above the ramp plateu. It will be the first thing we see as we walk out the front door.

    So yeah, still pondering on that one. Raikia will definitely feature in the final product though. Because it wouldn't be the same without our hard-headed friend watching over the wall. :)

  3. wow he looks great
    you could mount him on a pile of rocks or a log/totom pole :o)

  4. Good ideas there Nicole. Hope you're settling into your new house and life. :)


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