Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Veggie giveaway

I love gardening, but what I like even more is sharing the experience with others. I visited a fellow enthusiast in our area, after the word was put out to collect some of her sweet potato glut.

We'd met before and it's always nice to catch up with her (and her garden).

Well, not only did I come home with some sweet-potato, but I was also given some kale, carrots, Italian parsley and striped beetroot: as seen below...

I enjoyed walked around her garden and then forking the ground for sweet potatoes. I've planted a few of the smaller ones in our garden, along with some of the smaller beetroot too. I intend to let the beetroot go to seed, so I can grow more in future.

Thanks to her generosity however, we put together our first meal that was mostly home grown! It was very yummy, especially the kale concoction we put together...

 That kale was a meal in itself! I haven't cooked kale before, but I was told you treat it similar to cabbage. So I fried off some bacon bits, threw in the roughly chopped kale and just before I was ready to serve, I threw in a handful of currants and one grated Granny Smith apple (skin included). It was so delicious!

The curried sausages - while not organic - were sourced from our local butchers. But after eating this meal, we both agreed it was filling enough without the curried sausages. Is this what real food tastes like to digest? We hadn't gone 5 minutes into the meal before our mouths were sore from chewing. It slowed the meal down so much, that by the time we were finished, we left most of the sausage behind.

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit of a duff now, as not long after I returned home I remembered the dozen fresh eggs I was going to bring. So if you're reading this, give me an email Em and I'll drop them off at the door. We have eggs to spare! :)

I had a great time visiting and sharing the experience of gardening with another local enthusiast.


  1. Hey Chris, so glad you liked them :) I've been meaning to drop in since you posted, fighting off the time thiefs here. Can't believe how July and August have whooshed past!

  2. I know what you mean! We're up to our eyeballs in work at the moment. So many big projects on the move.

    Loved the kale by the way, it was so delicious. My little sweet potatoes are sprouting roots but no leaves from the ground yet. Hopefully when it gets warmer they will. :)


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