Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More on Wordpress

Please take a look at the thread I opened on the help forums.

Moral code of conduct

I hadn't planned on linking it to my blog, but they've now locked me out from replying. No notification as to why, just informed when I sign-in, that I don't have permission to access any more. This is the only thread I've contributed to, so it's why I'm assuming now I'm locked out.

I guess I have my answer - Wordpress doesn't have a moral code of conduct to consider on behalf of account holders.  I should have anticipated if I asked a question about moral conduct, it would be answered with my own moral grounds for asking the question.

I quote the final response to the thread I opened: 

"I see what you want. I see what you signed up for. I see that, originally, you were insisting WP cling to what you signed up for. Now that you find out you signed up for soemthing you dislike, you're insisting WP give you a break.
Come on. Seriously, come on"

[Bold emphasis is mine.]

I still maintain people should be allowed to change their minds - whether I found out now, or ten years from now, it doesn't change the fact Wordpress still doesn't provide an option in their current policies, for account holders to cut ties from their branch of internet social networking. Their Terms of Service suggests, using their services is approving of their "changes", yet I cannot comment on other Wordpress sites without them forcing me to use their service.

Before I could comment as a "Blogger" user, now I am forced into commenting as a WP user, when I comment on a WP blog. It would be nice if it was just a matter of walking away, but that darn Wordpress sign-in box, just keeps popping up.

I'd like to leave - want to - can't - Wordpress policy says so.

So the only option left to me now is not to comment on WP blogs any more. I now have to go through all my bookmarks and delete all those Wordpress blogs I read. Because if Wordpress forces me to choose, I won't be supporting their products in any way. As I DO NOT approve of Wordpress as an internet social networking site, forcing me to accept new policy changes in regards to old Terms of Service. That's not choice, it's called strategically being locked-in behind the gates that were once open.

I say this in the interests of full disclosure, I did not have the luxury of receiving at the time I clicked "I approve" back in 2008. The policy structure had not changed at that point, in fact, the WP policies then, allowed comments as a Blogger user on Wordpress blogs (and vice versa) without any discrimination against what email addresses were used.

So just be warned about Wordpress blogs...they aren't easily accessible to the wider blogging universe now. All that trouble to create a blog with a limited audience allowed to comment. Doesn't seem fair to the members currently pouring their hearts into their WP blogs.


  1. You remember perhaps that word press was once on a freeom of speech campaign? How ironic that they chose to shut your voice out then. And so sarcastically in my high opinion.

  2. Yes, and they actively encouraged Wordpress bloggers to infiltrate all the other blog hosting sites to leave comments and be noticed. Because all the other blog hosting sites DIDN'T discriminate against who could comment - and still don't.

    Now thanks to Wordpress recent policy changes, they are being noticed for all the wrong reasons, which is being anti choice. I am advertising above my bloglist that I won't be listing WP blogs until their policy changes.

    They got my account by crossing over into Blogger comments unhindered - a local who I have now removed their blog from my list (good person with a wonderful blog, doesn't deserve this) is how I came to notice WP in the first place. Now they want to lock me in as a WP commenter on their WP sites only.

    They have created "outs" so I can comment as a Google account holder, but it requires me to enter into another dodgey agreement with an email hosting service, so I can enter a bogus email in my WP account. Forcing me to enter another agreement with third parties, when I didn't have to before, is just dodgie policy - plus it makes me look like I'm "agreeing" to their Terms of Service, simply by forcing me to comment as a WP account holder on other WP blogs.

    I won't do it for dodgey policy on a blog hosting service that proves it doesn't have people's "blogs" at heart. You don't cut a large chunk of the audience off from commenting, and get to be considered a decent blog hosting service, Not when the other guys on the block don't do it to their account holders.

    It's like choosing between the dark ages and the 21st century. Wordpress has gone backwards.


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