Monday, May 14, 2012

Mum's the word

So it was Mother's Day here yesterday, but we celebrated ours the weekend before! We just never know when Dave gets a weekend off, so we took the opportunity to visit my mum when we had one.

Click on image to enlarge

Can you tell we're all related, LOL? Mum, me and Sarah, about to tuck into a mud cake I made - it says "Fat Rules!". I'm not making a body-image statement here, it's just that Sarah requested an "Adipose", which is a little character created in the Doctor Who TV series universe. It has the unique ability to be able to eat people's fat.

What else would an Adipose say, but "Fat Rules", LOL?

To all the Mothers, including my own, happy Mother's Day! :)


  1. Happy Mothers Day Chris! it's funny but in this picture you all don't look as alike as in other pictures I've seen of the three of you.LOL! And of course, beautiful just the same. cute cake and your wit is amusing as ever:)

  2. Photos are funny things, aren't they, LOL?

    Is it Mother's Day your way yet? And is your mum still staying with you at the moment.

  3. Hi Chris
    Mothers Day was last Sunday here. My mom went home a couple of weeks ago because my dad was very sick- congenital heart failure. He'll be okay with meds and lifestyle changes. I feel very sorry for my mom- first me, then dad and in between that my two nutty brothers having episodes.

  4. Sorry to hear everyone's health has taken a turn for the worse. Hopefully your mum will be able to handle everything, and let's hope your dad comes good too. It's never fun being unwell, but sometimes it can also put life back into perspective, in a positive way. :)


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