Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cut-side retaining wall

We're nearly ready to start erecting the garden shed, but there's a few more walls to go up on the cut-side.

We needed stairs in this one, so what better place to start than on the baby wall first!

I'm standing on the stairs to be. Small wall on the left - whopper wall on the right.

We cut the trench out, ready for the roadbase. This was a very easy wall because it was small.

Cut the tiers in for the different levels.

Extended end of trench slightly, for the ag pipe. It will make more sense in the next picture.

Partially buried ag pipe, beneath the blue-metal, backfill. I'm a few steps ahead of myself though. Let's go back to the first course.

First course goes down on the compacted roadbase. All done by hand. Dave and Sarah were there to help.

Checking it's level, with the spirit level. Gloves are a must have too!

And finally, the finished wall. Well almost finished. The capping stones on top need to have the gaps filled with half-caps. You can also see in this photo, the beginnings of the second mega wall. But more on that in my next entry. It's almost finished too.

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