Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas capers

A few days ago, we decided to pull out the stash of Christmas decorations from hiding, and get into the spirit of things. Guess what we ended up doing?

Yep, we put up the Christmas tree and some festive Christmas themed lights, as seen below:

This light (on top of the bookshelf) is a Christmas tree shape, and a glowing star will be hung above the chest freezer soon. Ooops...did I say chest freezer?

Sprung! Okay, we did get a chest freezer and new fridge recently. Our old fridge (after 11 years loyal service) wasn't keeping her temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius. So we decided to do a package buy, and hopefully I'll be able to give the old fridge away to serve as a cooler for someone. It still works, it just shouldn't be used for perishables like meat.

I'll do a post on how we came to our decision on the fridge and freezer later, and how we saved on energy consumption over all. But now it's off to make Christmas presents and all round festive activities.


  1. Ah, love the tree! It is a great time of year, making our homes all festive.

    And such a novel way to reach the top of your tree ;-)


  2. G'day mountainwildlife. Gosh, have I left it so long to reply to your comment?

    I did read it and meant to reply, but Christmas plans kinda side-tracked me a little.

    I hope you're having a lovely Christmas with the family. I've noticed you've been very creative, making your own decorations. Just caught up with your blog yesterday.

    Oh yes, and daddy makes a great ladder from time to time, LOL.


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