Friday, January 14, 2011

We're okay

I haven't been able to get online, since the power was taken out in the recent Lockyer Valley floods. We are located in Upper Lockyer, so were spared the same devastation experienced just 5 minutes drive away.

Dave is still trapped in Brisbane, as on Monday he was cut off at Helidon and couldn't return home. He went the other way to stay with family overnight in Brisbane, and then Ipswich and the Bremer river was flooded. As of Monday, Dave has been away from his little family of two (Sarah & I) and we so miss him dearly. But he's safe.

My mum was cut off from reaching us too - only over the other side of Toowoomba, where Warwick was flooded. There is only one road out of here to Toowoomba, and that is through Ballard. I went into shock driving that way, in an attempt to get a car battery charger for my mobile. My landline had been cut for two days, so my mobile was the only means of communication I had with family. The destruction I cannot fathom on my drive into town. Sheer cliff faces have slid off the side of mountains, the little creek has quadrupled in size. I've seen house slabs where houses used to be. Backyards have been eroded to the back of houses, so family are now forced to move out. My favourite permaculture place with chickens and such, has been destroyed.

It was so hard to drive through to Toowoomba, but I had to get through to get my mobile phone charger. I have it now so I only hope the car battery stays goods, LOL.

I have a wonderful friend in Toowoomba who has put Sarah and I up. I really needed someone to help support us, as I have insulin dependent diabetes. I try very hard to manage my treatment, but these were exceptional circumstances. Many times I've gone into shock. Many times I've walked from room to room (back at home) trying to remember what it is I was trying to remember.

My mum was in cyclone Tracey in Darwin 1974, and knew the signs of my shock. She was able to talk me into going to my friends house over the phone, as I didn't want to drive back into town with the destruction I'd saw the day before. I had the chickens at home, I had no power, so no running water or septic. I didn't have the phone for a few days. Anyway, so much was going through my head but I knew Sarah needed support too. She needed someone to be able to watch out for me, so that at seven years old, she wouldn't be forced to run up and down long driveways to get to neighbours, who may or may not be home.

This was a very harrowing experience and I keep telling myself that I got it good. All my family is safe (as far as I know) and our house is still standing. The gully is a mess though. Pictures may follow as things return to normal. Power should resume in about a week, so I have been trying to find a generator in town. They've all been sold out. At least I have a friend I can stay with who has running water. Sarah and I didn't wash for 4 days and even though we had neighbours who were checking in with us - they had family matters to attend to as well.

Anyway, my thoughts are with those who weren't so lucky. I'm devastated but I'm holding on for their sakes. It's a terrible day for Queensland, but I'm hopeful we can get back on our feet again.

I don't know when I will be able to update again, it all depends when the power back home gets turned on.

Sorry if this all sounds a bit "fuzzy" but I'm still trying to come to terms with everything. I hope Dave is able to return to us next week. We miss him loads. You never realise how much you miss loved ones, when you don't know when you'll get to hold them again. I'm hoping Dave will be in my (and Sarah's) arms soon.

Signing off for now, but hopefully not for long. :)


  1. I am so relieved to hear that, I have been worried about you.

  2. That is a relief. It sounded so grim on the news what happened in Murphy's creek.
    Hope you can all be together again soon.

  3. Glad to hear that you are okay and I hope that you can all be reunited soon.

    Thinking of you and those in your community

  4. Chris, I'm so glad to hear you are ok, I've been thinking of your family and hoping that your home was out of the worst of it. Some terribly sad news has come from these last fews days and it will take time before we can work through it. Take care of yourself and your family. If there is anything that I can help with please let me know, lots of hugs, Emxx

  5. Chris
    I'm so relieved to hear from you! If you need anything at all, just email me....even if we are an ocean away..I am ready to extend my help.

    Our family is okay as well....all living in and near Brisbane. We are grateful and will keep praying for those who have suffered loss.
    You are doing the right things by staying with friends. Keep doing your best at taking care of yourself and Sarah.

  6. So glad to hear that you are all ok, I was beginning to wonder! We watch what is happening there from the west and we are gutted, I cannot imagine what it must feel like for all of you over there.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all, take care of yourselves and each other:)

  7. Oh Chris, you poor thing, what a shocking time. Such a tragedy for so many Queenslanders and their families. Take comfort that you and your loved ones are safe, you will be back together soon, everything else is secondary.
    Please look after your own health too. Thinking of you and those close to you,

  8. Chris, i am sooo glad to hear that you guys are ok :o) for two days i could take my eyes off the tv in the end A turned it off, i just kept crying.
    i am glad you are staying with friends as it is no time to be alone

  9. Chris, I am so happy to hear that you're all safe and sound!
    As soon as I heard what had happened I thought of you.
    It is very surreal for us too, that only 20 mins away total destruction to so many has occurred.
    The hardest part for my husband is he can get time off work, but is unable to get into the area as it is still only open to locals....
    I hope Dave gets back to you soon. - Emily

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