Thursday, June 23, 2011

Glad I snagged him

As I was writing the last post on our no-spend year, I went through some of our old wedding photos, so I could capture a picture of us on our wedding day. Didn't it bring back the memories though.

He was buff and handsome, while the glow in my cheeks came from being a blushing bride and six-months pregnant! We hadn't met our beautiful daughter then, but she was squirming in my tummy most of the day. Didn't I feel the extra weight when we trudged all around the Japanese Gardens for our wedding photos too. It was all pretty special.

So I couldn't resist...I just had to share more of the photos from that day, and to show you all why I'm glad I snagged him. Reason one:


He's a bit of a ham and loves to make people laugh. Our wedding party was seated under one of the pergolas at the garden we had photos taken, when our camera man suggested we crack open the bubbly. Dave decided as he was pouring the first glass, to pretend to be half-tanked already. This picture says, champagne ham anyone? Reason two:

Best man speech

Dave brings out the cheekiness of others. It's his blessing. It's his curse. This is his older brother placing a set of horns behind his head, with a table napkin, as he delivered his speech at our reception. Trouble much, should I be worried, LOL? Reason three:

Pregnant, on the dance floor

He's a great kisser and says the sweetest things sometimes. He comes across all cocky and confident, but inwardly he's quite shy and I get to see all those wonderful parts expressed in the one person. Reason four:

Did I mention he's a Chef! We catered our own wedding and I made the wedding cake. Dave goes to great pains to ensure his family always has good, healthy food on the table. Okay, pizza when we're really desperate but he prefers homemade pizza. Reason five:

He looks great in a tuxedo!

"What was that Chris, I didn't quite hear you..."

I said, Reason five: he looks great in a tuxedo!!!

"Oh, I knew I'd marry a shrewd woman with taste."

Of course you did Sweetheart, and here I am back at the Japanese Gardens in of those Doctor Who, timey wimey things we fans are so good at.

Toowoomba Japanese gardens

I made my own wedding dress, because being six-months pregnant with an ever expanding waistline, I wanted to wear something that would fit me on the day. All the gold embellishments and fringes - even some of the lace was carefully stitched by hand. I also made the bouquet because I didn't want the fuss associated with fresh flowers. My older sister's wedding had nothing but dramas with fresh flowers.

All of this resourcefulness however, was taught to me by a very special person in my life: my mum...

There are three generations of ladies in this picture, the last one was yet to be born. We all took part in the wedding in some way or another. Dave inherited all of us, and we inherited him.

Double trouble in the making, and yet I'm still glad for the day I snagged him...and he, me. What a lovely kind of trouble we are in together now. Life, with all it's ups and downs - how we've disappointed each other sometimes and yet made some kind of magic in between. He romanced me with cheese and wine in the beginning, even though I'm not a drinker. He joked about the cheese going off if I didn't agree to a date within two weeks, LOL.

My kind of guy - a little bit extravagant and a little bit frugal. I always hate to see food go to waste, how could I not date him. He played the food spoilage card and we were destined to be married!

Not a day with him has been wasted though. Not a single day...

If you want to join along, please blog about your dearly beloved and leave a comment. I'd love to see others, prepared to be as cheesy as we are, LOL. It's a great excuse anyway, to go through your old wedding photos and reminisce how your own story unfolded. And if you're a guy, don't feel left out, tell us why you were glad to snag "her". :)


  1. Oh Chris, that is so beautiful! you've brought a tear to my eyes! Lovely photos and what special memories. I am amazed you did everything yourselves, and did it so well. We were not quite so resourceful at the time we were married, but we did also get married in the Chinese Gardens! (Sydney, but still, I knew we shared great taste!)

  2. PS- you look so beautiful and handsome together!

  3. Aw, shucks, thanks. :)

    I bet the Chinese Gardens in Sydney would've been gorgeous. We definitely share a great taste in beautiful spaces.

    I don't know about you, but being outdoors, carrying a bouqet and a special beau on your arm (brides maids laughing and best men looking dapper) wow, it's just a day you can look back on with great affection.

    It's kind of hectic on the day, but when you look back it's definitely worth all the effort. :)

  4. Thanks very much for sharing this with us. Very sweet day. It is amazing that you did it all yourselves. I know it was worth it!

  5. Thanks Linda, it's nice to share some of those moments which have touched our lives, which hasn't always been about our property.

    It's like saying, "we're the people who live here and were kind of cheesy, but that's okay," LOL.

    Good luck with the rest of the move to your property. :)


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