Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reptilian antics

We had a little (or rather big) visitor in the backyard recently. It's a Bearded Dragon, and I wonder if it's the same one we've seen sunning itself around these parts over the years, since it was a wee mite? It would be nice to think so!

He/She decided the sun was too hot this particular day however, and decided to take advantage of the shade we erected for the chickens in their tractor. The brave reptile is sitting on the former tractored area, but underneath the temporary pergola we put up.

Of course when I came up with my camera, they did their clever impersonation of a stick routine. How they manage to stay so perfectly still when they think they might become someones dinner, I don't know. It would be equivalent to a big T-Rex towering over me. Even if I decided to play "stick on the ground", I would certainly be shaking like a leaf! But I suppose that's the miraculous nature of nature for you - lizards will be lizards and people will be people. ;)

In other good news, my friend who went in for a cancer operation recently, not only pulled through but has been given incredibly good odds of a full recovery. So yay!!! I hope it's okay to link to her blog, as she does a great job of telling her own story.

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