Sunday, March 18, 2012

A strange blue box

It appeared out of no where - a strange blue box. There was something very familiar about it, yet it seemed out of place somehow...

We went into the ABC shop in Grand Central, Toowoomba, to take a closer look. In amongst the books, DVD's and other merchandise, where did this Police Box suddenly materialise from? Did someone call for a, Doctor?

Oh look, there he is! He must have regenerated again. Looks like an uncanny double for my husband, Dave! Hang on, it is Dave, and this Police Box is no accident. One of the members of our Dr Who local group, enthusiastically built this replica Police Box out of wood, and Dave helped to find a place to display it.

I'm not sure if it's still perched at the ABC shop, but it certainly caused a buzz when it first arrived. Pretty much everyone from the Doctor Who local group, went to get a photo taken beside the infamous Police box. Dave was chuffed, the owner was chuffed to have people admire his work and's certainly not something you see every day in Toowoomba!


  1. Very fun post Chris! Glad you're still having fun with The Dr. Who club.
    I love your blogs new look too.

  2. LOL, fun and amazing times at the club sometimes. It was really surreal walking into the shop and standing right beside it. Talk about big though! Dave is about 170cms tall and it towers above him.

    Apparently it was made according to scale too.

    Thanks for the feedback on the blog. I had to fix a few glitches, but it seems to be working now. If you run into trouble reading anything (font colour, size, etc) let me know. :)

  3. It d look really big.....So far no issues but I'll let you know for sure.


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