Friday, June 1, 2012

On a lighter note

Before calls in the afternoon, of the fate of loved ones, I finished my shrug on Monday morning. I was very happy to finally have it off the needles and trying it on for the first time.


I did cheat a little, skipping the last 4 rounds in the project, only because Dave and I had a movie date planned for that morning too, and I wanted to wear it. Eliminating the extra rounds, only altered the thickness of the moss stitch band.


This could be why the bottom of my shrug tends to roll upwards at the back. Or maybe it would always do this no matter how thick the band was? I'm glad I skipped the extra rows, because it fitted nicely as it was. I do have to figure a way to get that back to stay down though. Ideas???

I was ready to move on to the next knitting project for myself, but my daughter loved my shrug so much, she asked me to knit her one! We went through my yarn collection, and she only liked the black colour. Unfortunately it was acrylic, which is way less fun to knit with.

Another shrug on the needles

Do you know how hard it is to knit in black? It's like knitting a giant ink splot. It's very difficult to see the stitches in natural light.

Nonetheless, I'm enjoying having something to knit again. As I did with my own shrug, I plan to tweak Sarah's a little too. Instead of the monotonous knit 1, purl 1 of the moss stitch, I have some fun fur yarn I will just plain knit (with larger needles) for the collar and the cuffs on her sleeves.

My daughter gets up every morning and checks my knitting needles, to see how far I've gotten, LOL. Thankfully, it's smaller, so hopefully won't take as long to finish.


  1. Chris, is the bottom straight knit? It looks like it....if it is, a couple rows of ribbing or moss stitch or even garter stitch will help it lay flat. Sometimes blocking it will settle it down too if it's not just stockinette stitch that is.
    You look marvelous btw and you did a beautiful job on this. I can't wait to see Sarahs sweater too.

  2. It is moss stitch, but it's 16 rounds instead of 20 (according to the pattern). I'm just wondering if the 60 odd rounds of ribbing prior, is pulling the moss-stitch band up?

    I did block, but roughly. I'm probably going to have to think this over. Or, I can just live with it, LOL.

    Thanks for the compliments. Your turn next! Can't wait to see your finished cardigan on. :)

  3. I am baffled then. The only other issue tat cMe to mind initially is that the collar is forcing the turn. I can't zoom in to confirm this. I have had moss stitch fold up before blocking but not roll. Ribbing desn't roll either.....hmm.......very Intereting.

    Almost finished with mine:)

  4. Back again! :)

    I think you were right about the collar rolling the back up. The author suggested casting off with a larger size needles and doing it really loosely. I didn't change the needles over (didn't want to mess with 360 stitches) but I cast off REALLY loosely.

    But the problem seems to have corrected itself after I washed it for the first time. I hung it on a really big hanger, made the collar sit nicely, and then the back hung downwards. Seems to have corrected the roll, so I'm happy. :)

    But I think you're right about the reason why it was rolling in the first place. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It all helps me learn a little more about the wonderful world of knitting.

    When you're feeling better, I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your finished cardigan. I completely understand if you're not feeling up to a photo op right now.

    Hope you're feeling better soon. :)

  5. Chris, I have this great website/blog for you about technical aspects of knitting but its bookmarked on my iPad.
    It explains why fabric when knit with certain stitches will or will not roll. Its about equal distribution of knit and purl stitches. If that is there as in your sweater, then there is something else wrong.
    Size of needles can matter too with some patterns. Going down or up a size might change things.
    Theres a lot to know but I am no expert. Just learning as you are. I hope you keep it up.
    I will send the link along when I get to the iPad later today. YOu will enjoy the site as a reference.

    I will also try to block my sweater. Thanks for the reminder. Its hard to be too excited about it when its boiling hot outside:)

  6. Okay, back with the link :

    Check out her index....lots of great info.

  7. Thanks for that! I've got some tutorial links from some well known sites, but don't think I've seen that one before. Will definitely check it out.

    I've discovered something since washing my shrug too - it's gotten bigger. It fitted "just right" before, but now it's hanging out of place. So I might try making a medium instead of a large. I can still where this one, but maybe just around the house?

    Even though it might not be good cardigan wearing weather where you are, it's sure nice to read about warm temperatures when you're feeling a little cold yourself, LOL.

  8. Ah, thats awful! Are you sure its not the yarn? Can you dry it in a dryer to see if its going to go back to shape? I am sorry that happened. I would be livid after all that ribbing!

    Its been cooling in the evening enough to wear a hoodie so I might as well block the sweater! LOL! It goes from 90's to the low 60's and its windy up on our plateau. Of course not being well, the 60's is cold to me:)

    I have a more exciting sweater in the works right now though and that is a part of stalling. Soon. I promise!

  9. Forgot my point!
    Did you do a swatch of the yarn and then wash it and block it? That can tell you a lot about the garment too. Wash and dry a 4" swatch to see if its not the yarn. If not, enjoy it at home end recycle the yarn when you have the heart. If its the yarn, well, I am not sure what can be done besides hand washing and blocking it back each time.

  10. I think when winter arrives where you are, you'll be glad for all that knitting you're doing in summer now. Two cardigans will be handy!

    I didn't think to wash and dry the swatch. Where I've gone wrong possibly, is when I dried the shrug on the hanger, it was very heavy, and the weight has pulled the length of the arms down further. When it's ready for another wash, I'll try spinning it for longer, as I put it on the "delicate" setting on the washing machine. The delicate setting doesn't spin the garments much, which makes them heavier when you hang them out to dry.

    Or at least I hope that's what's happening. I have never owned a dryer. Not being energy efficient or anything, it's just something I've never found I've needed. :)

  11. Chris, I also don't own a dryer. I am thinking of gathering few things that need some drying sometimes and washing them here then taking them into the laundry mat next time I go to town. Things that have dog hair in them or need to be shrunk back to normal size like cotton sweaters. But I don't miss it otherwise.

    I hope the sweater works out in the end. You did a great job at it.


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