Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Comments on Wordpress

Just a quick update on Wordpress. I have been able to start commenting as "Chris" from Blogger again.

I replaced the email address in my Wordpress Account. I asked Dave if I could use his email, because I wasn't going to generate another one, just to gain access to comment on Wordpress blogs.

He agreed, but unfortunately, replacing emails didn't work. I wasn't happy considering Wordpress now had two emails locked into their system, which they advised me to do to rectify the situation. I then decided to visit Gravatar (Globally Recognised avatar) separately to Wordpress and found I could delete my old email address from there too.

It still didn't work! But it must have been a time delay, because a few hours later I was able to comment as "Chris" from Blogger again in Wordpress blogs. So I got to work around their new policy changes, to allow me to comment as a Google Account on Wordpress Blogs. Am I happy? Not entirely.

I won't go into it now though, as I still have some issues to work out with Wordpress.  As they resolve (or don't) I will write more.


  1. At least there was progress. Did you import your blog posts from over there? I think you said you had once blogged with them.

  2. No, I started with Blogger originally, and then thought I'd venture over to Wordpress. I exported my Blogger blog to Wordpress. It was all about having choice, which WP was very big on advertising at the time. They did a big campaign for account holders to comment on other (non WP) blogs, to get WP known.

    That's how I got caught up with WP - it was supposed to be about choice and at the time their policies reflected an "open door" attitude. It's only been recently they closed the door on all those new account holders, they formerly advertised "choice" to.

    I don't mind if a company wants to change a direction. It's manipulation however, when they round new people up with the mantra of "free", lock them in and then use sarcasm to deal with those who don't like the new change in policy.

    For all their PR about free and choice, etc, they come across (now) as a bunch of control freaks. Especially since it WAS different before the new change in policy. You cannot expect to fleece your clients of their options, and expect them to consider it a better service.

  3. You got sarcasm from WP? I cannot even get that from Blogger! I am glad to hear this since I was considering strongly going to WP.

  4. Hi Linda, did you use the blogger help forums? That's similar to how I contacted WP - from their help forums.

    I've used both bloggers and WP's help forums, and while WP were better at replying, they also didn't help very much. There can be long gaps between replies with blogger, but I found that more honest. But that's me, lol.

    There's something irritating about waiting for a "Happiness Engineer" from WP to say, this is how we do business or go away - we won't mind.

    I'd rather hear nothing than be slapped in the face with a cold fish, lol.


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