Saturday, March 23, 2013

Inspired Saturday

My husband inspired me with a bouquet of protea's he purchased from a roadside stall, when he was out and about this morning. The only vase we had was huge, and while the bunch of flowers was very generous for $2, it dwarfed the vessel we had to put them in.

Thanks David 
~ * ~

So I ventured into our garden to pick some more flowers! There were still some protea's on our bush, some delicious citrus-scented pelargonium leaves, and I threw in a few orange and yellow canna lilies for colour!

When the annuals fail for lack of water every summer, we always have these survivors of the plant realm to lean back on. It was lovely of David to think of buying me some flowers (I love them especially from roadside stalls of enthusiastic gardeners) plus it really gave the room a wonderful lift.

While not a great deal happened here otherwise, I still felt in a small way, Saturday was inspirational. I hope you are enjoying your weekend too.


  1. Very pretty. I admire the type of flowers you can grow.
    Working on sending an email....hope all is well.

  2. I've received your email and will reply when life calms down a little, lol. Sarah is on school holidays at the moment, but we're having a good time. :)

    Protea flowers and cana lilies are some of the more hardy flowers that will grow here. I'm less successful with the more delicate annuals.

    1. You take your time Chris and enjoy Sarah. I can wait.


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