Thursday, May 9, 2013

The countdown!

So we have been booked for an induction at the hospital, next Thursday 16 May!

Free pattern, here

There is so much to do in the meantime. I'm not sure if I will finish knitting the blanket I have started, in amongst the other "to do's" on our list. I had to make it slightly bigger than the original pattern, didn't I? At least it may give me something to complete in the hospital after the birth. I hope we don't have to stay too long.

I am happy and scared. Come next Thursday though, we will know who this little bump has been in my ever expanding waistline. Every time he kicks, I think about Sarah and the days which led up to her birth. I asked the same thing - who will this little person be?


She is ten years old now and just had her birthday. She is pretty awesome and has her own mind. We chatted about this after school today, and she enjoyed hearing how I thought of her as a bump too, and wondered what she would end up liking and disliking. She is happily her own person, and knows the answer to my question, more than I. So who will her brother be next?

We will get to know, soon enough I hope. I can't wait to hold him to my cheek and inhale that sweet new baby smell.


  1. OMG! So exciting! Happy Birthday Sarah! You are going to make a beautiful and sweet big sister!
    Chris, when you have time, please send me your address.
    I love the blanket. Yes it should be bigger....he will use it longer and you can tuck it under him in a stroller was he grows. I am so excited!!!!! Take care of yourself lady.

  2. Thanks so much. :) We're pretty excited too. I personally can't wait, as I hate not being able to move around. Not long to go now though.

    I will try to send you an email before we go in. I can't believe the amount of appointments which have just sprung up out of nowhere though! I'd cancel them in a flash, if they didn't have anything to do with prep for baby's arrival.

  3. Gosh, that's only a couple days away! What an exciting, amazing time. Happy Birthday to the big sister!

  4. Not long now, another 48 hours approximately. The question is, will your goat Ziggy, beat me to it! I hope she's doing well. :)

  5. when you posted on my blog today it made me remember your due soon and look only hours to go exciting...I will say a prayer for you and bubs blessings

  6. Thanks so much! I always welcome prayers. Will be saying some myself. :)

  7. Hi Chris, for some reason I haven't been keeping up with your blog, and I popped over because you commented on mine and find you're about to have a baby! I think I need to pay more attention! Congrats and thanks for all your long and thoughtful comments.

  8. You sound busy enough with the baby calves and cows on your property, Farmer Liz. But thanks for popping in and tipping your hat for a g'day! I've enjoyed your permaculture posts, as it's such a fast field to study it's great when people can throw their ideas around. :)


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