Wednesday, November 20, 2013

And just like that...

...the power went happened around 5pm as I was giving thought to what to cook for dinner. There was no storm, which would've had me filling sinks and a bath for kids in anticipation. Instead it just went out, and stayed that way until 10pm.

David gave his routine call in the afternoon to say hello from work, which thankfully had him bringing home some dinner for a hungry crew. I had butane gas to heat a kettle, which thankfully gave the baby his bottles too. But I suddenly realised how vulnerable we were with a baby now. We've had power go out before, but it's not really an issue when those who can eat from the pantry can help themselves. A baby which hasn't quite reached eating solids though (and very picky with the ones he will eat) it suddenly made that butane gas (and formula supply) look all the more essential.

It was a good reminder to stock up on more butane gas, candles, baby gear and start filling extra water bottles. David even suggested we do a random emergency weekend, where we switch off the power and see how well we are prepared.

As I drove Sarah to school this morning, I saw the work crews out trimming the branches around power lines. There were several trucks with cherry picker buckets to hoist the workmen up high. I guess its that time of year to consider the implications of safety and being prepared in case of an emergency.


  1. I am glad you weathered it well. Yes, you need supplies! Water is essential obviously too. Butane is what? Like a barbecue? We probably call it Liquid Propane or it serves the same purpose at any rate.

  2. I wonder if butane is liquid propane? It's basically stored in an aresol can (we buy them in 3 packs) and they fit into our various camping equipment. We have a gas burner and lantern which both use the butane cans. They're really handy because you only use what you need, then detach for storage. We've only bought 2 x 3 packs in five years.

    We don't go camping though, it's only used in emergencies.

    We have chanced on some excellent water storage vessels recently, which I will post about soon. Next mission is to find formula at a good price, to stock up.

  3. I was told not long ago that one can make their own formula and that involved using kanten which is a seaweed used like a gelatin. I am not sure on the details but this person said it was in Nourishing Traditions.
    I have to look at the camping supply store some day. We buy a larger 40 gallon tank for the BBQ and the actual indoor stove too-one each and have two extras always around. Its for emergencies but imagine relying on it when cooking and then running out midway through something like canning? I have done that but had extra around luckily!
    Its a very good thing in this day and age to be very emergency ready. I am always happy when I read that families are doing it.

  4. It's so true that life's little glitches are reality checks for preparedness.

    I wanted to mention that your reasons for switching to Ubuntu were mine as well! Are you on the Ubuntu Forums? I'd love to friend you.

  5. Hi Leigh. I haven't joined the Ubuntu Forums, only because my installation of Ubuntu was pretty straight forward. I was going to if I had problems though. That was pre baby. I'd be struggling to find the time to participate now. I do read a lot of the Ubuntu community notes though, if I come across problems - which (thankfully) hasn't been very much.

    Will share more on your blog though. :)

  6. Hey Chris - you won the Dremel Moto-Saw giveaway!! Congratulations! Can you email me so I can get some details to arrange delivery?

  7. Holy guacamole! That's awesome. Thanks for the wonderful surprise. Will send you an email. :)


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