Sunday, January 19, 2014

Now is the time to...

Life has been pretty intense for our family of late. Full of mundane and important stuff, equally, but we needed a day together to remind us that family means contentment too. So we left our acreage and went to town to visit the park.

Thank you tree

There are many parks in Toowoomba, it is the garden city after all. We like to visit the parks in town for all the wonderful walking paths, shaded by mature trees. Sarah took her scooter, Peter got the pram and mum and dad walked side by side, admiring the many wonderful plants.

We sat on a rug, under the shade of the tree above - and plenty of cuddles were to be shared.

Kids love the park

There was food and cool drinks for rumbling tummies. We ate at the picnic table and had time to spy shoes....

Doc Martin framed by concrete

It's was interesting being down on the ground, seeing from Peter's point of view. He had fun crawling on the rug, and then decided shoes were intriguing (especially dad's) because they had tags on the back.

What's this?

We even got to spy some of the resident wildlife, which thought people meant food. We made sure he didn't develop a diet for people food though, and he soon went to the trees to find an easier meal. A very polite fellow as far as Magpies go.

Hello friend

Peter thought mum was a tree he could climb for a moment, if only to see that clicking device, she kept pointing at everything. I wanted to remember our day though, just being a family, doing what we do.


Then we went back home and spent a few hours in the small pool, watched a DVD (Think Global, act Rural) and made some fried rice for dinner - because it's so quick to make!

Sometimes the most powerful moments in your life, are the ones you make time for. They will be your memories into adulthood and then, when old age appears, they will be what you look back on as important. Life is not always easy, but then there are times it can be amazing too. We need to connect more with the people, animals and "being" around us, so that we are conscious of what's important.

When we forget, we wonder what we're doing here. There are plenty of reminders around us though. The trees which have lived longer than we have...the animals which live in the trees...the curious look of a developing child, pondering the next thing to be explored...a cool breeze...a stranger you greet with hello, because you happen to be passing...and what's for dinner?

These are our days of you remember yours?


  1. Look like it was a very fine day indeed.
    I think it is important to remember to say hi to strangers instead of just ignoring them. For some reason it always makes me feel better when I smile at someone and they smile back. Strangers that is.

    1. Saying hello is like touching base with humanity isn't it? We recognise a being without having to question them. I'm glad it makes you feel good saying hello too, especially when they smile back. I love it when they reply with such enthusiasm, it surprises me and makes me smile even more.

  2. Chris, what a great post. Peter is so cute!

    I also wanted to congratulate you for a fantastic post over at Farmer Liz's. Well written and informative with excellent links. You did good!

  3. Thanks on all counts Leigh. :)

    I wanted to contribute to the permaculture discussion because I know it has helped us manage the land better here. It helped us to really identify where to spend our energy and how to provide solutions. Of course you never really know how good a strategy is, until it is tested - but then you just refine the process further.

    Something I'm sure you have more than enough experience with on your acreage, and renovations. It's such a learning process.


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