Monday, February 24, 2014

Roll out!

Coming together

An update on our driveway project. We have laid enough concrete grid pavers to get up the driveway now. The look on everyone's face who drives up, is of stunned silence.

No more, yippee ki-yay...

Finally, tyre tracks!

We had to make a small modification, by adding another concrete ramp. We still had the cement mixer on loan, so it just meant another few hours, pouring cement. It's a vast improvement, as the drop-off from the original concrete stop was too high. This has made all the difference from bumps to smooth sailing.

There's still quite a few days work involved in laying the rest of the pavers, and back-filling dips and ruts on the sides of the driveway. But I think we've turned the final corner and now on the home stretch! Happy dance...


  1. This looks fantastic and professionally done. Pat yourselves on the back!

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback. We like it because it works, lol.

    Sorry it has taken a few days to reply, but between finishing the driveway and minding busy babies, it's been a full week! We hope to return to normal programming soon. ;)

  3. I had to go back to catch up on your driveway posts. I've never seen the grid pavers before, but they look like they could be useful for other drainage projects as well. I'll have to see if we have anything like that around here.

  4. I've not checked if the grid pavers are available internationally, but I'm assuming they would be. We've been driving on them for a few weeks now, and they're great. Totally beats the dirt rally, lol. ;)


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