Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Where am I?

My name is not Wally, and I don't have a red 'n white skivvy on. But there has been some serious mojo withdrawals going on lately. Perhaps it had to do with the fact, David and I planned to have a sloooow two days off together. Sarah is on holidays so no school-hour rush, and we're stocked with food, so no trips needed into town for groceries. We were going to spend those two days, David had off work, planning how we'd spend Easter.

Well, David's car got a flat tyre on his first day off. No problem, we'll deal with it the next day - when we also had an appointment with a solar specialist at home. We're not getting panels installed, just doing research. But then our cat got attacked by another cat in the afternoon, and David had to now get his car tyres replaced, take the cat to the vet and I had to try and cancel the solar specialist appointment.

Of course, I wasn't given a contact number and I forgot to ask for one. Nothing showed up on the google search I did on the company, until 10 minutes before they were due to arrive. I had to search for about an hour on the internet, while juggling a rambunctious baby and a cat that was demonstrating more distress, as David and Sarah tended to her before rushing out the door together.

David's one flat tyre, became 4 new ones. Our cat was mercifully treated and able to come home, and I managed to juggle a rambunctious baby (will he ever sleep through the day again) while trying to pay attention to the solar specialist I couldn't cancel the appointment for. Oh and there was the major clean-up of sawdust shavings Peter managed to get all over the floor and himself, from the guinea pig cage, whilst I was distracted with the aforementioned specialist. I looked like a petting zoo keeper, as I saw the lovely visitor out the door, with my sawdust covered skirt and baby animal clambering at my shirt.

I'm not complaining, but piled up like that, life can sometimes suck the mojo right out of you.

I think I'll try curling up in the corner to recuperate with the cat. She probably had the worst day of all.

Click to enlarge image, if you're not squeamish

Love you lots, Muesli, our miracle cat with a thousand lives. Now schooch over for some cuddles.


  1. Get well little Muesli! That looks like a very painful scar.
    As to your day, it must of started on Friday. I think there was some crazy moon action going on starting on our Friday. We had the weekend from hades thanks to an unwanted guest. Its a long story.
    But as they say, "Better luck next time" (Next weekend that Dave has off, Sarah is home and there is nothing to do but chill out that is.)

  2. Thanks. :) Yes, they had to put in a drainage tube, as they didn't want the wound they already had to drain, to become more infected. That's what makes it look so bad. She's doing a little better, but we had to relent and remove her collar. She's licked her wounds a few times which is of concern. But she was so unhappy with the collar (and I'm talking feral and getting her claws stuck in it) that we thought it best to remove. We're taking our chances she won't lick the wounds continually.

    She's returning to the vets in a few days. We hope they won't put the collar back on her again. I'd ask for sedatives if that were the case, as it was too upsetting for her to wear. She scratched us, as we tried to free her stuck paw today. Muesli is a great cat, except when she's confused and in pain.

    I also wondered if it was the moon too, lol. Not that I blame the moon. If it can effect the tides and human's are made of a lot of water though, it stands to reason it can make for some interesting side-effects. Maybe we'll never know?

    Sorry for your past weekend, I really hope this approaching Easter weekend, fairs better for you too. :)

    1. That sounds so painful. I seem to recall that unlike dogs, cats don't have the sterile mouths so they still wear collars. Our vet didn't mind leaving Molly collarless when she was fixed because of that. I think too that licking isn't so much the issue as picking at any stitches if they are external. Anyhow I hope she gets well soon!

    2. Well, I must say Muesli has been good at licking her wounds, without irritating the stitches. We take her to the vets tomorrow to remove the stitches, yay!

  3. Life tends to do that! Everything goes pear shaped at once. Happens often here. I hope your cat recovers well and you've still got a few days off to enjoy together!

    1. Hi Linda, your reply reminds me to come visit your blog. I hope all is well at your place, especially with your new goats. The calamity does tend to come in waves, doesn't it.

  4. We have a saying at our house, "Expect the unexpected" cuz it always happens! So much for peaceful home time! Poor kitty, though. I agree she got the worst of it!

    1. I guess I just wasn't expecting that much unexpected at once, lol. ;)

      It happens though, doesn't it.


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