Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The firecracker was lit under me recently, and I've started (and in some cases, even finished) a multitude of projects. Not just a few, but many! Like a possessed woman, I've noticed all the things I've left undone, and just gone through them all, one by one.

Some tasks take weeks, some take months, and others, only a few hours to complete.

My booty!

I went to the hardware store recently. Actually, several times. But this is what takes a simple project so long - I wait until I have enough jobs, to justify going into town for. I don't like going, just for one thing at the hardware store.

Visiting the hardware store to me, is like some women view shopping for clothes and shoes. I have a thing for power tools, little finishings for bibs and bobs (all of which I'll show you in future posts) but I also make sure I gear up with adequate safety protection too.

One of the projects we're embarking on, requires a dust mask, goggles and proper work gloves (seen above). So forget stilettos. I want safety goggles!!

Needed purchase

And I want the right tool for the right job, at the right price! I was fortunate to find a Makita cordless drill, with accessories, reduced by $40 recently. I had gone without a cordless drill for many years. Most of my coops were built only with a single corded drill. Changing drill bits, was time consuming. But that's not why I bought an extra drill.

I had a project in the bathroom, which required drilling near a power socket. We saw the various stages of house construction, so I'm fairly certain I know where the electrics are. However, I'm not going to drill anywhere near a power socket, with the mains power still switched on. Hence, why I needed the cordless drill.

If I hit any wires, I'll soon know when I switch the mains back on. The safety switch will kick-in, and more importantly, I won't be in direct contact with a live wire! Always play it safe.

One of these things, is not like the others...

One of the instant projects I achieved recently (literally took minutes) was replacing a few bulbs around the house. One bulb went, in both bathrooms, and one down-light in the kitchen blew too. Blub fittings can vary with different companies, so if in doubt, take the blown bulb into the hardware store, to make sure you get the right ones.

Working order

Ask me how I know this? I didn't realise on my recent trip to the hardware store, hallogen down-light bulbs, have different fittings. Did you know that? Well yes, apparently, they do, and it meant another trip to the hardware store, several days later.

So if possible - and I usually do this - take whatever you need replacing, directly into the hardware store. Not only does it make it easier to get exactly what you need, but it helps any store assistants, you might need directions from.

Little step

Of course, to do a job like changing light bulbs, a sturdy, step ladder comes in handy. Chairs are okay to use, but I like the top-step on my ladder, to hold my gear too. Which saves me from having to get up and down the ladder all the time. This is indispensable, when it comes to cleaning the ceiling fan blades. Heavy bucket on the top step, and any spare rags hung over the handle.

So choose the right tool, which will help you do the whole job (many jobs) easier - not just elevate you higher. We invested in a good step ladder for inside jobs, and a larger, expandable ladder, for outside jobs too - like cleaning out the gutters, or building chicken coops!

 Big step

Our ladder has several clever design features, which allows us to fold-it up for compact storage, but it can also be expanded to well above ceiling height. This equipment can set you back a pretty penny at first, but they generally last a lifetime, if you take care of them.

I have not regretted investing in quality tools. They help take care of the largest asset we're likely to own - our home. This gear has been used in former rentals too. Some kit has been with us a looong time. If we continue to take care of our tools, they will be handed down once we're gone, and still be in working order, for our descendants.

I look forward to sharing more of our projects soon.


  1. Goodness me Chris, you are doing well this year already. I feel like I have done nothing. Once it cools down I hope to get more productive.

  2. Well done for being productive in this awful heat, I have been cleaning and decluttering like a whirlwind last week but the heat caught up with me and had to stop all activity for a few days to recover my energy levels.....pace yourself.
    Todays chores , make hommus, stew 2 kls apples and wax & polish a pine table and go to a craft workshop , enough for today!
    I fully agree with your choices of hardware purchases, buy good quality and look after it and you won't have to replace or repair and you are also addressing personal safety, which is very important if you are working on your own.

  3. I hear you both about the heat! I try and get my major stuff done in the morning, or afternoon. Thankfully, today is meant to be the hottest day of the week. I keep telling myself, it's got to go downhill from here. Surely, autumn will bring lower temps next month?

    You sound busy Margaret. Hommus makes a lovely chilled dip for summer. I use to love making hommus, until I had to give up legumes. The mention of it still makes my mouth water though. Yum!

  4. I'd forgotten you were a tool freak! Surprised you didn't have a cordless drill, though. I try and get all cordless, re-chargeable things now as it's such a pleasure to recharge them in the middle of the day when the solar panels will do it for me.

    I like doing little jobs, too. You can do so many in the time it takes to do one big one and it makes you feel so good!


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