Sunday, December 17, 2017

Festive times

Unequivocally, it's beginning to look a lot know ~

It's up!

The Christmas tree finds it's way into the living room, in early December. The decorations come out, and we all seem to get a little more giddy. Not entirely because presents are anticipated, but because it's a family tradition.

We're another year older, but this time of the year, never seems to age. Whoever makes up your family, whether you celebrate, big or small, it's simply a reminder to take the time to DO things together.

Even if it's just to send a package off in the mail, or call someone to remind them, you're thinking about what they're up to. Technology can allow us those special luxuries. Whatever you do, however you do it - be sure to do it, together.

Don't cry, I know it's Christmas

Normally, Christmas decorations are the jurisdiction of my family. They always were the ones to jump in, get it done and have fun while doing it. But for some reason, this year, I found myself indulging in Christmas decorating too.

The families are coming to visit this year, and it felt downright hospitable, to get involved in the decorating. So I did. And for the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Find meaning in anything you do

In our preparations for family, we somehow turned the house, inside out too - removing things, we're not really sure WHY we stored in the first place. The living areas have looked like a cyclone hit, for the past month or so. Still, it was good to clean out the cobwebs, and appreciate what was truly valuable to us.

In that collection of "things", we found our colourful metal owl, someone had discarded many moons ago. Which may have to do with the fact, it's head had been detached from it's body. We always meant to get around to fixing it, but poor headless owl, languished in the cupboard, as all our unfinished projects, tend to do!

A bit of super epoxy glue later, and owl is ready to see Christmas for the first time.

A new (to us) star

We purchased a couple of new Christmas decorations this year, and David found a woven star, from the local thrift store. Plus, he got it for half price! It's one of my favourites now. I wanted something less glittery, and more organic. It keeps repaired owl, company, on top of the fridge.

This year, David and I, have come to appreciate, not only how we want to spend Christmas; but also, how we wish to spend the rest of our days. The owl and star, have come to represent those aspirations - or how to acquire what needs re-purposing, and become involved in adding value them. Not for the intentions of hoarding, but to replace some of the frantic shopping, that seems to accompany this time of year. ANY time of year, really, if you find a reason to.

We wanted this Christmas to be a humble affair, but nonetheless, found ourselves, spending countless hours at a shopping centre (Mall) and buying coffees, plus hideous cakes (preservatives anyone) to escape the crowds. It was in stark contrasts, to the lucky find in the thrift store, and simply adding glue to something we already had.

 A decoration, given by a family member

After the shopping centre fiasco, we couldn't wait to get back home, to the house we took the time to decorate together. It was so peaceful, and undemanding, in comparison. Plus, the coffee didn't taste burnt! David has a "Super dad" mug, tucked away in the cupboard, and I pull out my lone Willow teacup (minus the set). Both were thrift store finds, as well. They serve us hot beverages, with more pizazz than any franchise ground, coffee bean.

No offense to anyone who actually likes franchise coffee - sometimes it can taste sensational! But ask me what I prefer, and I look forward to my lone Willow cup, waiting for me in the cupboard or dish rack. Because I actually get to participate in making the coffee, and the memorable stories behind what I drink it in.

Home. Christmas. Family. Community. Just participate and make it more of what you enjoy. We'll be entertaining this idea, more deeply over the holidays. Anyway... all

Is there a Christmas/Holiday tradition you look forward to, or would like to change? I have a few up my sleeve, which I look forward to implementing.


  1. Well Chris, if the shopping centre in question is GC I can well understand how wonderful it was to get home to the peace and quiet. LOL! I try not to venture there close to Christmas although I think we might brave the crowds this coming week to escape the heat by travelling to a galaxy far far away ;-) My grandchildren won't be here for Christmas so all I have done really is put the Christmad tree up. So different from when the children were growing up.

    1. Yes, indeed it was Grand Central. I don't want to EVER do that again, lol. At least, not at Christmas. ;)

      I often wonder what Christmas will be like, when our kids are grown. They're (and their cousins) are why Christmas continues, in it's present form. Although I think we may always put up decorations. Just because it's nice to follow a tradition and remember all the times the kids help put them up. :)

  2. I made quite a few gifts this year, got a couple more at little island market when we were on holidays and I ordered a few online too. One of the lovely things about that was that I managed to minimise my time at the shops. Yes!

    Your tree looks very festive! Our boy decorated our tree this year with tinsel and baubles and each morning, in December, I place an ornament in the day's pocket of the advent calendar that he's had since he was small. Each year I buy or make one new beautiful ornament for it. It's a lovely tradition & I hope it continues for a long time to come. Merry Xmas to you! Meg:)

    1. Lucky you, making gifts. Although luck had nothing to do with it. Good planning, more like it! :)

      Keep up those wonderful family traditions. Our kids are only young, once.

  3. Home is the best place to be, like you we don't buy loads of new stuff, most of my decorations are years old, I love each one of them, the joy being is to display them each year. We have already finished our shopping, only have to walk to our local store to get fresh items next weekend.

    1. It sounds like you're looking forward to seeing your favourite decorations, coming out, every year. I'm beginning to know that feeling too. They hold so many memories. Enjoy your walk to the shops, getting those last minute, fresh ingredients. :)

  4. Now that our children have left home, I can decorate much more simply. Christmas day was spent at my parents so no need for too many decorations here at home. I have a Nativity scene displayed in the entrance and a small tree and sprinkling of vintage decorations on the coffee table. That is it.

    As a family of mostly grown ups we decided to not buy gifts for the adults this year. By doing this, it made the lead up to Christmas day so much more relaxing. There are three children under 18 so that is all we bought for as a family. I chose a single wooden toy for my nearly two year old grandson, a gift voucher for the 13 year old (we all put in a bit of money and purchased a voucher to feed the lions from a cage at Monarto zoo), he will love that! Our baby five month old grand daughter received a couple of bits of clothing for now and a pretty dress that will fit her in a years time. We kept it simple :) Living in the country, we don't have to put up with the crowds at shopping centres, and coffees/teas are always better at home :)

    I hope you enjoyed your day yesterday. I loved reading your thoughts about the Christmas season :)

    See you in the New Year, may it be a great one for you and your family!


    1. It's wonderful, there was a consensus to limit gift giving, to those who still appreciate the "awe" in it (ie: kids). Adults possess their own Christmas awe, but it's not limited to purchased presents. It's more about spending time with, or demonstrating consideration towards others. So it was great to get that consensus among you all. :)

      It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas together. Our family Christmas, actually happened on Christmas Eve - but I've got a post about all that, coming. It was still an enjoyable time. May 2018 see your family, continuing to celebrate the milestones together. :)


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