Friday, April 13, 2018

Lego play

It's nearly the end of Easter holidays, but there's still time for some last minute, imaginative play. Peter loves lego, and received several play-sets from relatives, last Christmas. The plain, 600 piece, block-set has been the one he plays with the most. Because he can make all sorts of things out of them!

Right now he's going through a gaming phase....

Pac-man hunts down ~
3 ghosts, a strawberry and 2 cherries

He doesn't really play games on a console, but he loves to watch them on Youtube. First, it was Mario. Now, Pac-Man. He tried to recreate them with his lego blocks, recently. Proving to be rather challenging, he decided to ask for help. So a collaboration was formed, between him and his two folks.

Because Pac-Man was our introduction to console games. Arcade games were the only option our generation had, back then. Heck, the personal computer wasn't even rolled out, until we were in high school!

Enough nostalgia though. Except maybe for Lego blocks. Fun to play with, but never walk barefoot around them. Or you'll be cursing up a storm! Man, do those things hurt. But kept contained, they're great play on the holidays.  

What the...?

And that was supposed to be the end of it! I was ready to hit "publish", when Peter mumbled something about ghosts, behind me. When I turned around, I saw this imaginative stack. That boy, sure loves his lego!

It's the one plastic toy, I don't mind having in the house. He has a box full of toys, but lego would have to be, what he plays with the most. He still plays with the mega-blocks (larger version of lego) we gave him as a toddler. I wonder what Peter will think of making next?

Is there a favourite toy you enjoyed as a child - or perhaps your children, or grandchildren, love? My favourite imaginative play, as a child, was building cubby houses!


  1. Lego and blocks are great for creating things, open-ended toys. My son loved to build a marble run track and send marbles whizzing down it. He also loved animal figurines of all kinds. Meg:)

    1. Oh yes, marbles! We had a phase in primary school, when I was a kid, playing marbles every recess. Anything that can roll, has to be fun. I like his building tracks ideas.

  2. Josh our eldest grandson loves Lego and Starwars, he collects all the different sets, it is a great toy for their imagination.

    1. It really is a toy of imaginative play, and almost engineering. :)

  3. Chris, that reminds me that I must buy some lego blocks for my youngest grandson who turns one in July. Apparently his three year old brother doesn't like sharing his at this stage. Must be the age.

    1. That's awesome, Chel. The Mega blocks are easier for the littlest of hands, without a lot of strength to pull blocks apart. So maybe start him there. We also found a large red wagon, to store them in (also Mega blocks brand) so they can pack them up easily and move them around. We only got the traditional (smaller) blocks, this Christmas, because Peter was 4 and a half. He still asks for occasional help, pulling the newer blocks apart.

  4. I loved lego as a kid and am glad to see that my girls get into building and playing with it too. We are still on the mega blocks and a little bit of duplo with our under 4s - a little easier to see when left strewn around. Not looking forward to the future mini lego land mines!
    A surprising favourite from one of the aunts at christmas was a mr potato head. Generally he is made into Mr Silly Potato-head with bits sticking in all the wrong spots but he has been a hit.

  5. Not sure we'll dare the mini lego-sets, lol. Although, Mr Potato head, is lots of fun! Ours' does Picasso impersonations, as well. Who wouldn't, right? Glad to hear there's plenty of imaginative play, at your house. :)


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