Friday, June 29, 2018

Kitchen garden update

It's been a month, since setting up my new kitchen garden. I was watering every other day - but only a light sprinkling. Just until the shallow roots delved a little deeper, into the potting mix. Even though the temperatures were milder than summer, the soil was still drying out. As we hadn't seen any rain for many weeks.

Over 4 weeks ago

This was my kitchen garden, newly planted, in early June. This photograph was taken in the late afternoon, as it took most of the day to set up. Being quite advanced specimens too, it greened the area nicely.

It's quite a lovely place to look out, while sitting at the dinner table. But it's amazing what a month of growing in winter (in the Sunshine State) can do.


Taken, late morning this time, you can see how much sun the plants are given. I haven't had any curious kangaroos, take a nibble yet. But they have other places on the verandah they frequently visit - noted by their little nuggets of poop. For those who've never seen kangaroo poop before, imagine rabbit pellets on steroids.

Which actually gives me a great idea. I know, right? Poop and gardening. It's what makes things grow! In containers, once the nutrient in the soil runs out, you need to add more. Time to make some fermented tea fertiliser. I might as well DO something with those pellets, my kangaroo friends left behind!

Lettuce, front
Silverbeet, dwarfed on other side (not as much sun)

From the kitchen garden however, I'm snacking on lettuce leaves and picking herbs for cooking. It's a small supply, to be sure. Sometimes I have to venture to the wild parsley which has seeded itself in my garden. I did that for pizza the other night. Lots of parsley! I still consider this garden, a bit immature though. Growth is slower in winter, so how I browse it, has to correspond.

The kitchen garden experiment has worked successfully. The only downside, is not having enough supply. Maybe when the silverbeet grows big enough to pick, that will change.


  1. Looking' good, Chris. Attractive and useful....just what a garden should be.

  2. Doesn't get much better than snacking on some homegrown veg. Looks like good growth given it's Winter. Great idea to use the roo poo ... I am sure the plants will love the extra nutrients. Meg ☺

  3. Any harvest has to be a good harvest, it's soft fruit time in our garden, I love showing our grand son the berries and watch him eat them in the garden.

  4. Looking great! And a start is always a good thing! I love picking a little of this and a little of that.


  5. Chris, your little garden is growing well. We had a little rain the other day and it is getting overcast now so perhaps there is more to come. I hope you get more.

  6. Impressive growth for a month Chris but I can understand your impatience for more picking. Love the kangaroo poo upcycling idea!

  7. Winner winner chicken dinner.

  8. Oh my, Jane Allen, we had chicken dinner tonight! With lots of parsley too, lol. Thank you everyone for the encouraging and thoughtful comments. My roo-poo brew has been fermenting for 3 days now. I should start stirring it tomorrow. Nanna Chel, I'll keep my fingers crossed for more rain too. It threatened this afternoon, but passed us by. Maybe, tomorrow?

  9. I love it when an experiment is a success. This is a happy one for you considering your gardening challenges. Any chance of expanding in the future?

    1. I certainly want to expand, Leigh, and have recently freed up a few larger pots in my existing collection. I don't want to go too big just yet though, until I see how it fairs through it's first summer. I have plans for shade cloth, to help.


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