Sunday, January 3, 2021

Then this happens...



I tried taking a picture of my injured hand, one handed. My chest played a crucial role, stabilising the camera, because David is currently at work. Thankfully he wasn't yesterday morning, when the weirdest accident happened. I was surveying the swale I was working on recently, to plan my next step. Turning towards the ramp, to get some tools near the house, a huge hornet comes flying at me. I try dodging it, but everywhere I moved, it re-positioned to go for my face. 

So I back-up, very quickly to the swale - not anticipating the small berm, recently constructed. Heel made contact, I fall backwards and land on my wrist. Thankfully, the hornet disappeared into the ether, only to realise my forearm and wrist were now stinging. Getting up, I couldn't place any pressure on that forearm. 

My hero, in cosplay

Clearly the Adrenalin was working, because after making my way down to the house, I told David what happened, claiming it was just a little sore. His First-Aid training kicked in, and got me a cold compression from the freezer. An hour later, he wrapped my hand in a bandage to further reduce the swelling. He helped all day yesterday, as best he could, because I suddenly became one-handed. 

If he hadn't acted so quickly though, I estimate the swelling would have sent me to the hospital. It definitely wasn't broken, as that kind of pain can't be ignored. The next question: was it sprained? While incredibly painful, I still had movement of my fingers and wrist. Albeit, extremely limited movement from all the swelling. We're watching to make sure it gradually improves, which it seems to be doing. If it gets worse or discolouration appears on the skin, I'll go see the local GP. 

So yeah, I wasn't expecting that to happen yesterday. I can live with snakes and poisonous spiders, it seems. Hornets, I sincerely loath. Looks like I'll be out of action, for at least a week. So take care in the garden, you guys. Nature can turn around and surprise you!


  1. Goodness me, Chris...what a start to 2021!!! I hope it continues to improve. Your hubby is such a character 😅

  2. Oh no Chris, I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with your arm and that it gets better quickly. Glad to hear your hubby had it all under control! Not a great start to the year lol!


  3. I sympathise, Chris. I spent half of New Year's Day in at a clinic getting a tetanus shot. I had been happily playing soccer ball with a very friendly canine. I went to kick the ball just as his mouth went to grab it and my ankle collided with his tooth and left a clean but deep puncture right near my ankle bone. What a way to start 2021! I hope your wrist improves and you get back out into the garden soon. Meg

    1. Poor pooch, got a whack in the mouth and you got a sore ankle. Yikes! Those freak accidents, are funny to laugh about AFTER the fact though. Just not at the time. I hope you and pooch can return to play-time, when you're all better again. Sorry to hear, your new year, came in such a way. I hope it only improves, from here!

  4. Accidents are waiting everywhere, glad nothing is broken, time to rest and heal.

  5. Oh dear, Chris, what a bad start to the year. Glad it wasn't broken. Not sure if we have hornets here. I don't think I would know what one looks like. I'm in a similar situation here at the moment with a Noisy Miner trying to nest in a tamarillo tree. Every time I go near the tree to pick the fruit she dive-bombs me and actually grazes the top of my head. I've decided enough is enough and I'm destroying the nest every day. And every day she remakes it. I've taken to wearing a huge floppy sun hat for protection. There are hundreds of trees and shrubs on the property and she wants the tamarillo. And none of the birds will even look at the fruit!

    I hope the wrist improves quickly. With a hurt foot you can at least limp, but hands are to useful to be out of action.

  6. Oh Chris, most unfortunate indeed! So glad it wasn't worse. Very fortunate that David was there and knew what to do!


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