Monday, January 14, 2008

Watertank garden (day 1)

It's been a lovely January for 2008. We've had plenty of rain, and plenty of reason to fix up the drainage issues with our water tank.

We installed the tyre retaining wall, which has helped emensely by diverting water run-off. However, the weeds are trying to take over.

Solution - beautify the area around the tank, implementing erosion control plants and diversion infrastructure.

Day 1:

I'm bricking in a garden bed, utilising the leftover bricks from the house and blue metal shavings.

I've found blue metal helps with drainage for plants if it's dug into the soil, but it also makes an excellent mulch. The soil is always cool and moist underneath.

The plants I've chosen are blue agapanthus. I've only planted one at the moment. The idea is their roots will hold the soil together, and once filled out completely, their strappy foliage will cover the tyres completely.

I have more ideas for how I'm going to present the garden bed. Hopefully it will implement a dry river bed, filled with rocks, which will double as a water diversion trench for run-off.

In the meantime, I've got more gardening to do...

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