Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weatherproofing the tractor

Remember this...?

Yep, it's a beaut tractor in dry weather but in the wet, it made me realise how impracticale the design was. No worries, as with the donation of a shade blind from my mother, a quick solution was found!

Not very flash but at least I have matching shades of green. Both ends of the blind have the weighted metal rollers attached, so is prevented from blowing away in windy conditions. As it's only shade cloth, I also put a layer of plastic sheeting I had laying around, underneath the blind too.

It really did the job I must say! The pavers I put around the bottom to deter predators digging under, doubled as a dam when the water pooled nearby. It was a pretty heavy downpour we experienced recently, and I was surprised how well the pavers stopped the water from flooding it out.

The chickens are doing well and taking an extended holiday from laying eggs, but I'm sure they'll start churning them out after the warmer months come. I have plans to build a proper coop soon, I just have to let the ground dry out first!

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