Friday, September 5, 2008

Cot gets a hat

When the weather was finer a few days ago, I was able to do some more construction on the cot-coop. Hubby said it doesn't look so much like a sled now and I'd have to agree!

Still a fair bit to do but it's finally starting to take form.

Hopefully by next week, we'll almost be finished this part of the coop. Then it will be onto the next stage - the run.

I haven't put the iron on top yet, as I need to maneuverer underneath to attach the netting.


  1. Ohh looking great Chris!
    It will be wonderful for you to have your girls in their new home. Your getting closer! Emily

  2. Looking good, you've done a great job!


  3. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I'm learning some lessons in patience at the moment, as I have to wait until after the weekend before I can get more finished.

    I need one final trip into town for bulky supplies - waiting for Dave's next rostered day off.

    I can wait...sure I can...can't I? ;)


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