Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's done!!

Sweet Halleluiah! It's finally done. Finished. Finnito!

Dave helped me attach the colorbond roofing this morning, and it fitted like a glove! I would've danced afterwards too, if only I had any energy left. So here are the victory snaps of one of our largest builds yet! But first, let me remind you of the heart of this project and where it all began.

A recycled cot otherwise destined to become landfill.

To this...

Side profile with the people entry door.

And the chook door side.

The egg collection side - or front!

Some indoor shots now of the eucalyptus branch roosting perch. It sits on the rim of the hardwood box, and only held in by one large, U-shaped peg. You can see the dark peg on the right-hand side of the picture.

This is the nesting shelf, the chicken door and roost shot.

The proverbial "rear" shot.

And finally, if you noticed in any of the other pictures - the roofing doesn't extend out to the eave on this side. Do you see the wooden battens sticking out the top?

There is method to this madness though. We purchased 3 sheets of colorbond roofing to make the distance. Realising they would be too heavy for the roof battens we installed, our plan has changed at the last minute. We're going to extend this outside area for their food and water, by about 70cms.

We always planned to attach a run to this side, which will happen over the next month or two. But for now, we're just so glad to have gotten the main structure finished. The run is going to be a more eccentric design with a really interesting shape. I'm looking forward to completing the final stage of our chicken run!

I'm so happy for our girls - it's far superior to what they're living in now. We'll see how they go inside tonight!


  1. this is awesome, i lov that you used so many bits & pieces. cant wait to see pics with the new run :o)

  2. Great job U2, recycling at its best!


  3. Congratulations!
    It looks great, so worth all your hard work.
    Can't wait to see what is next! ~Emily

  4. Thanks you guys. It's nice when people take an interest in what you're doing. The bonus for me is I read your blogs as well, and can feel encouraged by your interests too. :)

    Thanks for leaving your comments.


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