Saturday, November 1, 2008

The run...away!

So we've done some more work on the chicken run. It actually looks like it's meant to be there now. Although it is beginning to look a bit strange - even some of the neighbours have slowed down as they've driven past.

But first, I had to show my favourite girls getting stuck into a biscuit of hay. They took a liking to some of my garden beds with this down, so I decided to put a biscuit of their very own in the chook run. Do you think it broke the boredom for a bit?

This one is always jumping on top of stuff - even the chicken feeder! She's the adventurous one. If she was orange in colour, I'd call her "Ginger" aka: Chicken Run!

So here is the developing project...

Looks a bit weird at the moment, but should come together when the shade-cloth is finally put on top. Weather permitting, that should be done tomorrow.

We bashed down some roofing iron around the edges, to stop things from digging underneath - hopefully. And that thing the shovel is leaning against will be the gate.

It's ever so slowly coming together - but the end is near in sight!


  1. a babies cot transformed into this awesome chicken house & run
    Chris & Dave you have done a great job it all looks excellent. i know why people are slowing down to have a look, they all want one as well :o)

  2. Wow oh wow! This is the Hilton of Chicken Houses.
    What an amazing place. The weather is so lovely and cool so it is perfect to be outside building.


  3. This is wonderful! We are on a similar track with our new enclosure with the roofing iron around the bottom but the curving roof for the shade cloth is something else - will have to show M. this one! Your clothesline makeover had me enthralled - we pulled ours out to make room for more garden but now I've seen this I wish I hadn't!. We hang the washing up right outside the back door now which I'm sure would be a no-no for the renovating shows, although I quite like walking through it to get to the garden and at least it is under cover. This is a great blog - very inspiring!

  4. hello again! Just wondering if you could tell us what the material is that you've used for the arches over your chook enclosure and also where we can get terrace bricks from. These are great ideas!

  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I sure can't believe it all started with a cot either, Nicole. To think I was almost going to take it to the tip!

    The weather was great for building today, Emily. Loved how overcast it was. I might have just beaten the rain too, as I hear we're supposed to get storms tomorrow. The garden will love it - yours and mine!

    Hi chooks'r'us. I've seen you over at, "Life in the Dome", too. Another poultry enthusiast - I'm glad we've all caught the bug!

    I plan to do a post about some of the specifics of the run very soon. I can tell you the irrigation pipe I used for the arches was 2" pipe. You can only get it from an irrigation supply business. Many of the hardware stores don't stock that size.

    I will update my clothes-line post, to include more specifics about the blocks too.

    The chooks love the run with the shade cloth on now too. If I can manage a dry spell in the forecast rain tomorrow, I'll get some more pics for an update.

  6. What a great house! and I especially like how you've put a ladder in there for the chooks to climb ;)


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