Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update on the chicken accommodation

So the gate has finally been hung, I've finished the paving out front and I've even started planting along the run. On the left-hand side is the tomato trellis, and on the right is a rubarb crown!

Here she is. I'm so thrilled because it's already starting to throw new shoots!! I've had great success with the pebble mulch so far, so thought I'd try it around the rubarb crown too. I was a little paranoid about giving it root rot with organic mulch, but I've stopped the pebbles short of touching it too. Hopefully she'll do well.

Here is the rubarb again, next to the step which leads into the run. I had fun putting it together with the bits and pieces I had left.

This is the other side of the coop, where the kumquat, wormwood and Italian lavender (in that order) are thriving. I'm really happy with the pebble mulch. I wouldn't want to use it everywhere in the garden but what I've used it on, has done surprisingly well. I do have bark mulch around the kumquat too - for root expansion!

As you can see, even with the shade cloth on the run, the inmates still get lovely sun exposure.

And by inmates I mean:

They can't get my rubarb!

Mr Sheen says:
'don't worry little darl'in, I'll rustle up some grub!'


  1. wow, the chook area is looking FAB TAB. Love black chooks, I only have 1, Oprah.

  2. I thought I had coop envy when I saw Nicole's cute creation but this is just great!! We were hoping to get out this weekend but so far have been pelted with hail and now ferocious winds are trying to uproot the house and trees so we are cowering inside. Poor girls are super wind-swept. What breed is your boy? He's very handsome! PS we had the same prob with pigeon peas - just can't get them growing but we have bower birds nearby who eat the shoots.

  3. I love Nicole's chook house too. The red door with the loveheart insert. Hope you're fairing okay with the storms. We're expected to be hit again mid-week too.

    Mr Sheen is a blue splash pekin. He is beautiful but hasn't managed to fertilise any of the girls eggs yet. I've had a lady in the neighbourhood attempt to incubate two batches of eggs now. But she's been incredibly generous and offered to loan me her blue splash cockerel. Isn't that incredible. I was totally blown away when she made such a generous offer to help solve the problem.

    Lucky-1, you picked a great name for your chook. I'm sure she's a stunner. Guessing an Australorp there?

    Thanks both for your comments.

  4. WTG, the chook pen is looking wonderful. I suspect there will be many happy chooks running around in there over the years, well done!


  5. Chris wow. Your place is looking great. Your coop with the little path and paving detailing looks incredible!
    I too have serious coop envy!

  6. Chris your chook house & run are trully awesome :o) i lov the shade cloth & you will never have any escapes.
    mine have taken to launching themselves from the perch, out the door & down the run


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