Saturday, December 6, 2008

18 months on...

There's nothing like a before and after picture to see how far you've actually come. It's been around 18 months between these two pictures.

This is the before picture and not long before we were officially given the keys.

And this is 18 months on. Hasn't it changed? I can't believe you can take pieces of history and flash them right before your eyes like that. Change suddenly seems so instant - but of course I know every working moment and the hours it's taken.

You can also see the different climate conditions 18 months ago also. See how brown the grass was in comparison to the present photo? I took the most recent one today.

Amazing what a bit of consistent rain will do. Speaking of which, I can hear the rain falling on the tin roof as we speak. The vegetables are going to love it!


  1. Wow, You and Dave have done alot! Congratulations if won't be long until you are saying its 2 years and then 3...

  2. Thanks Em. It would be nice to show successive pictures as the years roll by. I'm amazed at how quickly nature replenishes herself despite the extremes.

  3. Yes nature has her way of taking back what is hers. Especially with this rain we are having! Its all showering and overcast again YAY!

  4. Wonderful progress you two! What gorgeous surrounds too, beats tar and cement anyday!

  5. Yep it sure deoes feel good waking up next to nature, Molly.

    It makes all he hard work, worthwhile!


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