Saturday, December 20, 2008

Early Summer Garden '08

I'm so amazed every time I wander around the garden now. Suddenly, a tangle of edible plants have softened all the hard lines we constructed earlier - namely the retaining wall.

But this post is about edible plants and what is growing in the vegetable garden at present. Firstly, I have taken a recent picture of the bed in-front of the chicken coop. The rubarb has shot up, with so many leaves popping out from the crown. I'm looking forward to apple & rubarb crumble, this winter - like my mum used to make!

In the above picture and also below, you'll see the brandywine tomatoes which have grown bigger. I'm really impressed with the vigor and ease of germination in this particular variety of tomato. I hear it has an incredible taste too, which I can't wait to sample myself.

Can you guess which plant this flower belongs to? It's one of those plants you don't turn your back on!

Yes, it's our bottle gourds growing next to the garden shed. The flowers are a beautiful white and only last about 24 hours before turning brown. I'm looking forward to seeing what shapes the gourds grow into.

Here are the apple cucumbers which are just bursting everywhere at the moment. They love climbing the pyramid trellis I constructed nearby. In there are some purple beans as well. I hope they overtake the vigor of the cucumbers soon, or there won't be any space on the trellis left!

The corn is growing well in amongst the pumpkins. Which reminds me, I have to plant more seeds soon, as I only have 10 plants in this patch. Can't wait for that sweet, sweet corn flavour!

And these are the softening plants I was talking about earlier. They're sprawling butternut pumpkin vines, which grow nicely over the retaining wall. This is my favourite view of the garden in fact. I love how nature can take such a hard line and blend it in amongst the foliage. A reminder that we can attempt to tame an area of land, but nature will always have the last say. Like a giant exclamation mark!

I'm really looking forward to eating all these plants, growing in the garden.


  1. Chris & Dave your garden and vegies are looing gorgeous! WTG

  2. You've got some good-looking plants growing there.

    Regards, Gary

  3. Wow, doesn't Christmas whisk you away with the fairies for a bit! Sorry I've left it so long to thank you both for your comments.

    We've been extremely fortunate with the consistent wet weather, to have the vegetables powering along as they are.

    Nature is a wonderful thing to behold. :)

    Hope your gardens are doing well too, and your new adventure in the New England area is going to plan gary.

    Thank you both for dropping by.

  4. hey Chris
    your garden is looking awesome, a whole lot better than mine at the moment, everything seems to be taking so long to grow
    hope you both had a Wonderful Christmas :O)

  5. I thought my garden would never grow! Then with a bit of rain it just all exploded at once. The hot temps recently has made a few of the vines wilt though.

    I hope the summer rains make it to your garden soon too.


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