Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We've been busy around the yard lately, but mainly getting rid of trees. Why get rid of trees? Well they grow in excess of 30 metres, and the ones we're taking out are too close to the house.

I caught Dave busy chopping away at the root ball. It took him a few hours yesterday just to clear the dirt around it, but today he finally got to fell the tree.

Firstly, here's the size of the root ball he's attacking. Much thicker under ground than it is above. We should've removed this tree last year, but in summer it helped shade part of the chicken run. This year it just has to go, or it will be a professional job to fell it later!

And thar she blows! Or should that be, thar she goes!

The tree fell across our little forest footpath but no major damage was done. Dave then cut off the side shoots with a mattock and I set cutting the trunks into more manageable sized pieces. Even our daughter got into the act and carried away gum leaves so we wouldn't slip on them.

She couldn't help herself in the end and had to jump in all the leaves, pretending to be a gorilla in it's nest.

The branches aren't going to waste however. I've already built this trellis with three long branches, and some scrap fencing wire. I'm hoping to grow some sunflowers in front and beans over it, when spring arrives. This side of the garden shed gets all day sun, so hopefully it will help shade it during summer.

We've been doing a stack of stuff in the yard, preparing for spring, which I'll have to write about later.

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