Monday, November 16, 2009

Believe in your dreams

The one thing we sacrifice as we get older, is the innocence of belief. We seem to become cynical of what we know (or don't know) yet. Perhaps this is the burden of knowledge?

I've realised with all these new changes in our lives recently, the hardest challenge of all has been "keeping" the belief in what we're doing. You see a lot of easier options all around you - just spend a little more money than you've got because instant consumption is addictive. It seems easier. Sending my daughter to school, seems easier too, but I know in reality it comes with it's own unique downside.

Why is it that in the world of adults, belief seems like such a dirty word to use? We resist the thought belief is really quite easy and indeed necessary, in the midst of uncertainty. Maybe because we think only radical people, perhaps even mildly delusional people, believe in something they can't see, touch or hear yet? We like certainty - it's safe.

When I look back at the history of my life though, belief in what I was doing made me become what I was doing. Maybe I didn't realise what was happening to me at the time. Perhaps my innocence of how the real world works, made me capable of believing I could do anything? Sadly, it seems the more knowledge we possess, the more limited we become in accepting belief (without certainty) is a natural state of being too.

Belief without certainty - now isn't that how all dreams come to light in the first place?

I just wanted to put these thoughts out there for those following difficult steps in their lives at the moment. Maybe you're doing something really hard and you can't see the end result yet? The world with all it's easy plunders, could be tempting you away from fulfilling your dreams right now. Start looking for the innocent pleasure of uncertainty again. You were quite capable of doing it when you were younger, and remember how liberating it was then?

How much time did you spend thinking about what you didn't know, and how much time did you spend thinking how much you'd like to do - if only you had the freedom? The gift of knowledge is a great thing, but don't lose your ability to dream because of it. Sometimes the things you can't see are still worth pursuing nonetheless.

Keep believing in your dreams because "you" can do it. I can do it too!


  1. Hi Chris, your words are thought provoking. I have always wanted to live the life I am now. Took me 46years. Hard to keep your dreams alive, when your folks were so poor that they wanted a different life with more opportunity and options. I am thankful that they gave me both these so that now I can live this lifestyle and be financially ok. I also think passion must go with believe in your dreams, and one person can make a change..thanks I enjoy your blog.

  2. Hi Chris. If you haven't read the book "the Secret" grab it. Basically it's about the universal law "like attracts like". I've lived by the rule for many decades and it works, don't ask me how but it does:)

  3. Good Luck on keeping those dreams burning. You're absolutely right, it is often the knowledge of limits that make us limit ourselves because we don't want the pain of stretching too far and falling.

    I have come to realise sometimes stretching until you fall is good. Even better is all the times you stretch and learn with out having to pick yourself up.. cause low and behold it worked.

    Kind Regards

  4. Hi fellow dreamers and risk takers in life. Thanks for your words.

    I agree, passion very much has to be in the mix too. :)


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