Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sewing room

If you're fortunate to have a dedicated sewing space, chances are, all manner of junk will find it's way in there, sooner or later. My sewing room is no different. Knowing I'd have to create and repair stuff to make our no-spend year more enjoyable, I started organising the room better. And for the most part I have - but a few inexpensive changes to furniture was also required.

Firstly, the before shot. This was my only dedicated sewing space...half for sewing and half for putting stuff together.


What I thought was originally good about this arrangement, was being able to push my sewing machine and overlocker to the back when I didn't need them. Only problem when I was putting stuff together though, was have to constantly move the machines forwards (if using them) and backwards again when I wasn't.

So I went looking for a better way of using what I already had around, and this is what I came up with.


I moved the original sewing table to the other side of the room, in exchange for another little table, purely dedicated for using the machines instead. I didn't need such a large table with this arrangement, as I can use opposite sides for both machines.

New sewing table

The chairs fit nicely underneath the table too. So no need to move machines around any more, just switch chairs. I'm going to make a proper table cloth with fitted skirt later on, but this white one will do for now. The ironing board you see in the background, was originally on the other side of the room too. Seen below...


My mum made the leadlight window...we're going to find a place in the house to mount it permanently. For now, it has been moved to another room where it will be safe. Once the ironing board was moved however, we had space for the old sewing table.


I've placed the large table here to do all my cutting out on, and basically put stuff together. Of course, I still have some stuff to get rid off or store somewhere else, in order to clear the top.

All in all though, I feel better prepared to create things in our new sewing space. I wouldn't mind teaching our 6 year old daughter some toy making projects, or how to make little carry bags. She's been asking for some nice summer dresses too.

All in good time though.


  1. You're absolutely right, my sewing room has become a dumping ground for anything that has no proper home, it is difficult even to get in there at the moment. Better get it organised before the outlaws get here for Christmas.

  2. Good ideas Chris!
    I imagine it would be much more inspiring to sit down and create in a dedicated, organised space.

    Oh, did I say 'imagine'? because I have my sewing table between our lounge and dining room, sewing box and assorted bits on bookshelves and more boxes of fabric than I will admit to, piled high in our bedroom! :-o

    I love the idea of passing down such useful skills to children too. I hope you find time to to create something fun with your daughter, she will remember it. I have fond memories from my childhood but wish I had learnt more from my mum and my nanna.


  3. He-he...secret stashers unite! Anything to do with craft seems to attract on-going mess. ;)

    I can relate to your memories from childhood too mountainwildlife. My mum taught me to sew on an old electric "Singer" sewing machine.

    To date, I have never sewn on a machine that could match the experience of an old Singer. They don't build them like that anymore. :)


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