Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dr Who Daddy

Well Father's Day has come and gone, but we had a very special day of it because we made stuff especially for Dad. He went to work (as normal) and when I woke, I started thinking about how we could make his day special after he returned in the afternoon.

What to do...what to do? I always make him a cake but I wanted to do something extra special this time. Now for all of those who don't know, my Dave has been a Doctor Who fan from way back. He even joined the Doctor Who fan club when he was a teenager, and met John Pertwee in person. We even have the photos to prove it, LOL. Such a fan was he, that he even commissioned two knitted (extra long) scarfs to match the ones Tom Baker used to wear!

So I've always had Doctor Who memorabilia stashed away in the cupboards, on the bookcase and sometimes even on the floor after our daughter has had a play with them. Yes, I'm afraid Dave is grooming the next Doctor Who fan in the family to continue his legacy. So any guesses what this is...

It's bigger on the inside!

Empty cereal boxes and empty cardboard boxes unite! Don't ask me why I decided to make a TARDIS, but when I got up on Father's Day, that's precisely what I did. There was a willing worker with our daughter as well. She helped pop out all the windows after I scored them with a blade.

TARDIS panel number two!

It was really simple to do, but still took a bit of fiddling to put it all together. I sort of knew I wouldn't get it painted in time before Dave got home, but I wanted to at least have it's recognisable form. As we were making it, I suggested to our daughter I turn it into a box - by having the roof come off. My clever girl then said it would be a great box to store all his Doctor who toys (ahem, "collectors items", as Dave likes to put it) in! But why stop there, what about the cake?

Darlek says: exterminate!
K9 replies: Negative, I will protect my Master

This was just a simple chocolate cake with lemon icing. I put a touch of rum essence in the cake for Dad too, LOL. The tie down the bottom is in the spirit of the latest Doctor Who incarnation, compliments of Matt Smith. "Ties are Cool!", is his catch phrase, which is what we put on the card we made for Dad too - in the shape of a bow tie. It was such a lot of fun to do, and this is what Dave came home to...

A Doctor Who convention

A setting suitable for any Doctor Who Dad! We even got to use one of his commissioned knitted scarfs. The TARDIS is yet to be finished, which I will follow up with later. Not a bad present, considering most of it was made from recycled materials. The only thing which wasn't, was the PVA glue and masking tape.

I hope you had a good day on Father's Day too. Sadly, some don't get the luxury of spending it with their fathers, as even Dave lost his dad to cancer four years ago. But even small gestures can mean a great deal, on a day especially for Dads.


  1. Thats a lovely and HUGE gesture in my opinion. Beautiful work on the cake and the Tardis. I bet he loved it!
    We just recently began watching Dr. Who over here...its been on television forever but we just never got into it until recently. I find it really touching that Dave has his "collectors items". Our son has some things like that too...even at 17 years of age, he won't part with his Star Wars toys. He proclaims loudly "I won't kill my inner child!" LOL!

  2. Dave has a few "Star Wars" collectors items too, as well as Transformers. I sort of missed the My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake and Cabbage Patch fads, which were meant to sweep up the girls of the same era, LOL.

    Inner child, now there's a thought to ponder. Don't we all have one. ;)


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