Friday, September 17, 2010

Why I love chickens

We have a few breeds of chickens here, plus some crosses, which are related to this beautiful chooky, Gumnut! Seeing the new escapee, it reminded me to post some egg pictures of the varities we're now seeing in the nests.

From left to right, starting at the front: the pale cream is a New Hampshire egg; the small light green is a bantam araucana; the olive green is the cross, like Gumnut, and the darkest is that of a Barnevelder.

As a note to Jacqui from Life in the Dome, my crosses started laying at 24 weeks, so Gumnut shoulnd't be far behind. Your little girl definitely found the best nest of all, LOL, and what a character. If she escapes too much, don't forget you can trim one of her wings. She definitely seems to want to be a house chicken though.

I've been really happy with the health of my chickens this year. We've gotten through winter without so much as a sniffle. The large New Hampshires and Barnevelder girls have laid all throughout winter. The best layer of all has been the New Hampshires. They've pushed out an egg a day, each, since they started laying. They only missed about 2 days over winter.

I'll share pictures of Gumnuts sisters when I can find a sunny enough day.

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  1. Hi Chris!! I wish Gum Nut had a sister down here, the poor little thing is picked on relentlessly and she is such a sook, I just want to bring her inside. We love her and are so thankful you sent her in an egg to us! What a cutie. She's very small compared to the others so I'm thinking she must be a bantam? It really doesn't look like she'll get much bigger so I'm keen to see her sisters. Also interesting that she has laid a blue egg, not an olive green one! Thanks for the post, I'm glad you're girls have been healthy and well all winter. We didn't get any eggs for about 4 months and of course we already have two broodies again! Sigh. Life goes on!


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