Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Liebster is German for favourite (I think)

I was kindly nominated for an award by LindaM at her blog, Hello it's me... It's was a lovely surprise to find us there with some wonderful new blogs, I've been introduced to, thanks to the gesture of the Liebster Award.

I did a little internet research and discovered this particular award has German origins, and was designed to shed light on blogs with less than 300 followers. Kind of inspiring for the little guys, which I would definitely classify as - although technically, my clothes would disagree!

The rules are simply to link to the blog which nominated you for the award, then nominate three other blogs of your own. I wanted to focus on a group of blogs which I don't technically fit into any more, but nonetheless I'm very inspired by. When I left suburbia to live on small acreage, I said goodbye to one life and hello to another. Those who continue to live simply in suburbia however, do so against a backdrop of consumerism that is hard (as I can testify) to live simply by.

Nonetheless, these particular blogs do it so well, and I'm really happy to nominate them for the Liebster Award.

Life in the Dome: Jacqui lives in the Blue Mountains, which I think is a beautiful part of Australia, and she loves chooks! So much so, that I cannot help but love her chooks also. They are gorgeous. I also love that she's a bit of a Dr Who fan too. Sorry for outing you like that Jacqui, I hope you can forgive me. :)

Mountain Wildlife: Still in the Blue Mountains region, and there's a family of four who've just found a new place to call home. I've enjoyed following their adventures in home ownership and how they try to grow as much as they can from their backyard. I also love their chooks! Do I have a theme developing I wonder?

Little Farm in the city: A lovely local I've had the privilege of meeting in real life, Emily and her family, grow as much as they can in their backyard. I love their wicking beds and have seen them in action towards the end of the drought. And yes, I also love their chooks - and a wandering duck that decided it was so great in their backyard, it would stay. :)

That's my three nominees for the award. I do have one last blog I'd like to mention however. I'm not sure if they have under 300 followers, as (like me) they don't have a widget to show. But I'm going to mention them anyway, Little eco footprints, because Tricia and her family do a great job of bringing environmental issues back to the burbs.

A special thanks again, to LindaM for nominating our blog for the Liebster Award.

Happy reading everyone. :)


  1. German! I should of known when I saw the heart there. My daughter will scold me when I tell her that it was right under my nose and I didn't catch it.
    Anyhow, you deserve it and I will check out the blogs you awarded too. They sound intriguing.

  2. Thanks for the mention Chris. I'm flattered.

    I love Little Farm in the City also. I donlt yet know the other two so am off to check them out now. Thanks :-)

  3. Oh wow thank you Chris! I am flattered too. And well done to you for being nominated!

    Now I feel I should earn it by doing a new post :-)

  4. Yeah LindaM, I thought it sounded German too, but I did a bit of googling to find out more. :)

    They are a lovely group of ladies who blog a lot about what they care about. It doesn't hurt that they love chickens too, LOL. ;)

  5. Hi Tricia, I know I probably don't get to say it much, but I love your work in conservation and the environment.

    And Mountainwildlife, I can imagine it's so hard to start your garden all over again. Long gaps between posts is completely understandable. Don't give up though, because your family's adventures in the backyard are worth sharing. :)

  6. I'm out and proud Chris so no worries there. Thanks for the little boost for my blog, I know things are rather quiet on that front. I really love our little blog community and it's great to be part of it. x

  7. Too right Jacqui, and it's great to see you back in action. Although, still trying to find your land legs no doubt, after all that air travel. :)


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