Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spring into action

So Spring is here, I know this mainly for two reasons. Firstly, I'm cutting up fruit salad for the fridge again. We love crisp, fruit salad after a hard day's work in the yard. It's a "must-have" in the fridge when the temperature rises.

The second reason I know spring is here, is when the bed gets an overhaul. I did this, before lunch and all the winter blankets are now drying on the line. I also decided to do something special this year, and I may do it every year from now on - and that's removing the mattress and bed slats in order to access fully under the bed to vacuum. With all that dust gone, the room smells cleaner than ever! I also gave the wood a wipe over, with a clean cloth and eucalyptus oil.

All the windows and doors are swung open today, with a lovely spring breeze coming through the entire house. It feels like winter is well and truly done for another nine months or so. My bones are warming and I'm ready for Spring - along with the Carnival of Flowers, starting this weekend up the hill in Toowoomba.

How quickly time passes, as it was only last year we enjoyed the Carnival too. There are so many wonderful things to get up to at this time of year: work, play, re-discovering the garden and seeing what new animals visit this year. We've seen an increase in wattle birds and rosellas, plus I think the flocks of tiny finches have figured out we're a safe omnivore. We notice how they flock near us when we're out in the garden, because the larger butcher birds (which prey on smaller birds) give us a wide berth.

Anyway, I hope your gardens are warming too and the birds frolicking amongst the bushes!


  1. I also love to keep fruit salad in the fridge during summer. Its such a nice refreshing food.
    I'm thinking that I will wash my blankets in time for winter. Our house will get so stuffy with all the closed windows and we also insulate them with plastic.
    Have a wonderful springtime down under! We will be bundled up by the fire as I read all about your garden and look out at mine to see nothing but snow!

  2. That's the worst with winter, all that mould from closing the house up. Even though we don't have snow, the doors and windows stay closed.

    When you say you insulate with plastic, do you mean inside, or outside? I've read that ordinary bubble wrap (the stuff used for packing parcels) can be stuck to windows with a mist of water sprayed on the inside.

    Just wonderfing if you use something similar?

  3. I love fruit salad. My favorite is chopped apples, sliced bananas, chopped pecans,with a dab of Miracle Whip. I do make it when I am ready to eat, not for storage.

  4. Oh yes Spring is here, isn't it great! A bit of a rude shock to slip back into the cooler days again, I got a bit excited about shorts and only left 1 pair of yard pants out!
    That fruit salad looks so good! I take mine with a scoop of icecream please ;-)

  5. Hi Chris, this is my first visit here. I discovered a hideous layer of dust under our bed yesterday and it is nice to read we are not the only ones. Thanks for sharing!

  6. So sorry, I was having a few dramas with my PC. We made an agreement though, it would work for a change and I would stop cussing it (oh, and um, messing with the BIOS) ;)

    Linda, I like the idea of adding chopped pecans. Sometimes it can add just the right flavour combo for an interesting salad. We've been known to eat ours with yoghurt too. Not quite Miracle Whip, but if it's that stuff which comes out of a can - I used to be addicted to that as a kid. Eat it straight from the can, squirted directly into my mouth.

    Hi, littlefarm, nice idea with the ice-cream. Your garden is looking good for the growing season ahead. Still love your duck of course PS: I nominated you for an award a few posts down. :)

    Hi Amanda, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Isn't it amazing what dust is collected under the bed! I wondered it if wasn't helping the irritated cough I had developed, and noticed going to bed (after I cleaned underneath) wasn't as uncomfortable as before.

    So maybe it's good to tackle the dust monster living under the bed, at least occassionally. ;)


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