Saturday, December 3, 2011

All I want...

All I want for Christmas this year, is to put my boots up! I caught myself in a rare moment of reclining upon the couch, after mad dashing here there and everywhere. Organising food for the Dr Who Toowoomba local group break-up party, decorating the cake after taxiing daughter to her dance rehearsals yesterday; before the big concert tonight! It will be her first stage performance, but Dave and I felt like we've been in the spotlight all week.

The above photo was taken today, after we returned from our Dr Who Club Christmas party. What a lovely group of people we have to celebrate with, but it was sure nice to get home and put my feet up again.

I'm not sure how much more my poor boots can take! Okay, they can probably handle another outing today (and they will) as there's still another marathon effort to get Sarah to the concert on time. Tick-tock goes the clock, and after the concert we'll watch the last episode of Doc Martin before heading to bed.

Does domestic bliss get any more wonderful than this? I swear, at the beginning of the week I was pulling my hair out with worry at how much had to be achieved, but now the end is almost in sight, I think how much HAS been achieved. Family life, social outings, running the supermarket gauntlet, watching cheezy British sitcoms - this is my wonderful life, and my little secret is I love it!

Boots, Christmas and Chaos, I can create domestic harmony out of anything you hand me. Isn't that what a Domestic Goddess is for? ;)

I will reply to comments in the next few days. I've read them but I want to take my time in replying, because I want to enjoy deliberating them when life slows down to normal soon. Thank you for taking the time to comment (everyone) as I know this is a funny time of year with funny goings on.

Tell me, do you have any madness you wish to share, about juggling so much at this crazy time of year?


  1. All that I can say is that I'm grateful that Christmas here is a time or repose as far as gardening goes. If it was not, I'd be nuts. But I drop out of the whirlwind at Christmas-on purpose. My kids are grown and away so no Christmas concerts and all of those wonderful things from their childhood. I'm glad that you are experiencing it because its very precious!
    And you have sexy legs I must say! LOL!

  2. Sexy, LOL, but I was going for rigor mortis as my lifeless body refused to move from the chair. ;)

    I took the first photo myself, because I wanted a momento for reaching the halfway point of that day! Dave asked me what I was doing when he came inside himself. After I told him, he said it was worthy of a full leg photo too, which he took.

    We're a silly pair, LOL.

    I was thinking how your Christmas plans were going, considering the twins will probably pay a short visit over that time. Doesn't mean any less planning is involved though.

    I had a plan (in theory) for December, but then we got such short notice for the date of Sarah's concert, that it doubled up with our last Dr Who Club meeting for the year. Something we had organised, months in advance.

    We did a lot of reorganising of our personal schedules so that both events could go ahead as planned. Then the library we hold the meetings at, told us 4 days before our meeting, they were closing early for emergency air conditioning repairs.

    So our normal 5 hour meeting had been whittled down to 2! We'd barely have enough time to watch one Dr Who Christmas Special (it was hardly worth hiring audio equipment) so we decided to can the equipment, and go with a break up party instead.

    We had to organise games, a cake (which I had to decorate) drinks and then when we turned up on the day, the library had cancelled our room!

    There was a big mix up, part of it was our fault and part the library's. We begged and pleaded and they gave us a smaller room which was packed to the rafters by the time everyone made it. I even had to trawl the library for folks who may've been turned away by the librarians, who were going by a new booking date. My boots did a lot of walking that day, LOL.

    Would you believe despite all the madness though, we had a smashing break-up party and putting my boots up was just the icing on the cake!

    Sometimes I wonder if all that effort is worth it, but then I think of the people we meet and some of them are real treasures. So many different walks of life and so many ranges of age. Some would be the same age as your kids too. It's great seeing capable young people who want to go out for a good time, that doesn't necessarily involve being detached from society. They muck around with the little kids and hold a conversation with the adults.

    The madness of this time of year can lead to madness, LOL, but then the greatness which follows is so very worth it. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful time over Christmas (with your family) whatever plans you have arranged. Merry Christmas! :)

  3. We keep December chill regardless of whether our kids are here or not. They will be for a longer period over that break but both want to be in Chicago for New Years so we will see how we manage everything.

    I think you and Dave did a marvelous job in holding that meeting together! What a bunch of unnecessary stress but that happens sometimes and both of you rose to the occasion.Some stress like that is good actually.

    You have a Merry Christmas too:) We will probably stay home but a friend of ours is thinking of maybe putting on the dinner-depending on how he feels (he is elderly). That would be real nice!

  4. I love the boots and they way you wear them. I often wish I could wear boots. But, my feet would feel trapped and claustrophobic!

  5. You make a good point about boots Linda. They surely must be comfortable or they become a living torture device!!

    These are my favourite pair I must admit. I've waited for them a long time. A low, feminine heel with comfortable room around the calf. I found them second hand too!

    I'm sure you're no stranger for waiting for the perfect item, always seeing if you can find it second hand. It's so exciting when you can finally say, I found it!


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