Saturday, December 24, 2011

Healthy Food

Twas the night before, the night before, Christmas and Dave whipped up the most excellent dinner. It was so nice, in fact, that I asked him for the recipe - as my friend LindaM had recently discovered she had to change her diet for health reasons. I hope it has all the right ingredients. So this one is going out to you Linda! I had already eaten half way through my meal before I took the photo, so ignore the presentation.

Beef Strip Salad


250g rump steak (cooked medium-well)
handful of cashews
sprinkle of sesame seeds
vermicelli (rice/glass noodles)
cos lettuce
dark mushroom soy
fish sauce

Dave left the cooked rump in the fridge overnight, which makes it easier to carve in to thin strips the next day. He marinated the strips in a mix of soy and fish sauce (make up your own ratio to taste). It only marinated for 5 minutes but you can leave longer.

Cook rice noodles, drain and rinse then break up your cos lettuce into a separate big bowl. You need the room for tossing everything together, so make sure it's a big bowl. Next, in a hot pan, drizzle a little olive oil then roast the cashews until lightly golden. Add the sesame seeds (again, to taste) and cook a further minute. Remove off the heat. Now it's assembly time!

Toss the still warm vermicelli into the cos first, so the leaves will wilt a little. This is one of those recipes where the tougher outer leaves can be used, as they won't go all limpy when they wilt slightly. Use a pair of tongs to turn the noodles through the lettuce. Next toss in your roasted nuts/seeds and finally add the room temperature marinated beef strips.

Toss, serve and enjoy!

I was really surprised with this dish. So very light and yet I spent as much time eating it, as I did the night before, when we had rump steak and three veg. Awesomely delish and a meal in itself!


  1. Chris
    Thank you so much! This is the kind of food that I love the most! Everything you listed is on the "can eat" list! I also think my own family would eat it too!
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas (I think that is today for you?)

  2. I was hoping it had all the right ingredients for you. Dave does a few specialty meals when requested at work, for people with various food issues. He thought the ingredients would be suitable for people avoiding dairy and yeast.

    It's a recipe you can muck around with yourself; so add as many cashews, lettuce, etc as you want. Dave said you could even add a teaspoon of ground paprika and ginger to the marinade sauce, for a little kick. You could even throw in some chopped chillies, as I know you said your family loves chillies.

    If you don't have any lettuce, I suppose you could use bean sprouts instead? You could even sprout them yourself, during winter. It's a very flexible recipe. :)

    Today is Christmas, in fact it's the afternoon now and we all feel like stuffed turkeys after yesterday and today. It was all healthy food too!

    I will have to do a post about our Christmas celebrations soon. From our Aussie family to yours though ;) Merry Christmas too.

  3. If I win a million dollars, I'm hiring Dave as a personal chef! LOL!
    I like your other ideas for this recipe.
    We will start our celebrations here today-we keep Christmas Eve low key by our family tradition.
    Take care and can't wait to see your post about your celebrations.

  4. LOL, we know you're joking, but Dave said all the same he'll pray you win. ;)


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