Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I had plans...

I had plans to write another post in the new series I have currently going, but then something unexpected came up. Something really unexpected.

Our ornamental wishing well

A surprise arrived in our wishing well in the garden yesterday evening. Of all places, it's not where we expected to find what we did. David went outside on dusk after the rain had eased, and startled one of the local cats, which suddenly jumped out of our wishing well. Curious, he popped his head into the well and saw...

 An unexpected interloper

She must have been moving her litter, or maybe this was the only one - but we guessed she chose the wishing well as it had a cover from the rain. As it was nearly dark we brought the little guy inside as we thought we knew who owned the cat.  After a phone call to the neighbour we discovered it wasn't their cat, but they directed us to another house further up the street.

David got in the car and drove there, but it turned out it wasn't their cat either. So now we are left hand feeding the new arrival. We haven't seen the mother back since. Today we visited the vets to buy the proper kitten formula, and he seems to be eating with a healthy appetite.

I really wish people would de-sex their animals. Though the fact it arrived in our special wedding day, wishing-well, has more than "surprise" written all over it.


  1. Very sweet. Look how vulnerable though. I think its odd that the mother hasn't come back looking for it but you could be right.....it was perhaps moving its litter.

  2. Yes, that's the only reason I can think of for why the mother hasn't returned. If she had more kittens to look after, then she'd be concentrating on them. This little guy is doing quite well though, getting fatter and more content by the day.

    In a way we feel guilty for intervening, in that he was ultimately separated from his mother. But if they are a feral litter, at least this guy will be de-sexed by the vet when age appropriate. That will be one less feral cat breeding in the wild. We're assuming she's feral, as we haven't been able to locate her owners.

    It is quite a large area we live in though.

  3. Around here, feral cats gt hot which is very sad. There are a few around that keep the mice in check but most pople hate the sight of them. Are you going to name this fella?

  4. Yes, he's got two names. ;)

    I'll share what they are soon.


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