Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One week of Mew

It has officially been one week since we located a wee kitten inside our garden wishing well. It's been a big learning curve of feeding with a syringe, moving to a bottle, and with plenty of kitten napping in between. I guess kittens are just like babies in that regard.

Photo compliments of Sarah

We had to start feeding him with a syringe because that's all we had at the time. It was the perfect size for his small mouth but it was certainly an art to keep him interested. He recently graduated to a small bottle which is a lot kinder on his mouth.

 Photo compliments of Sarah

We always know when he's had enough milk, because he becomes drowsy and cannot keep his head up for long.  Small kittens sleep a lot.

Little pudgy boy

And who couldn't resist an afternoon siesta, with a full belly and a warm friend to curl up next to. He dreams a lot and wiggles his wee paws. We like that he's growing a round belly, as we are not so worried he's being underfed.


So we decided to name him. David wanted to call him Wishes (as he found him in the wishing well) but the two girls in the house wanted to call him Mew - as that's all he says right now..."mew-mew-mew". He is developing a rather loud purr at the moment too.

Rather than have to choose between either name, we decided to call him Mew-Wishes. That way, we can call him both names OR we can call him by either. Maybe when he grows into a cat, we'll morph his two names into Mewichious?

At the moment though, he's our little Mew. And just because we're corny...

~ Mew Wishes you a Merry Christmas ~


  1. I didn't realize how small he was from the previous post! Wow. And he looks to be thriving. You are good people to care for him like that. Good photos Sarah!
    And I love the name:)

  2. He was indeed small, but growing bigger every day. His eyes are now fully open. David and Sarah are on the hunt to locate some more kitten formula today. He surely eats a lot, lol.

    Thanks for the kind encouragement. :)

  3. He's so cute! He's found himself a good home alright.

  4. Thanks foodnstuff. He's still doing well, but I'll do a proper update in the New Year. Thanks for stopping by. :)


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