Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another year

I really enjoyed my small break from blogging between Christmas and New Years. It gave me time to reflect on what I truly get out of writing my blog, and what can be gained (or lost) by reading others.

I came to realise, not all blogs should be read by me. It seems like an obvious statement to make now, but I wasn't choosing where to spend my time. I stuck with blogs (and discussion forums) that I shared similar interests with, and simply took the good with the bad.


During my break I came to realise however, I need to review where I spend my time. If where I visit offers more negative experiences than positive, it's time to move on. This isn't a reflection on the authors of those blogs (or discussion forums) as they clearly write for an audience. I'm just not always one of them, and I feel better for recognising it. I can visit where I feel comfortable and exit where I don't.


Making this realisation however, helped me understand how better to write my own blog. So for me this year, I'm going to write about the stuff I enjoy. The things in life which makes me happy. There will be opportunities to share when things don't go entirely to plan, but it will be motivation to persevere anyway.

I'm actually feeling very positive in this not so perfect world of ours. The climate may be harsh, but it's teaching us more about plants, eco-systems and how they work, even in the extremes. We've lost some trees we planted, which is always disheartening, as you lose money and the potential for shade in the future. But it also teaches you about the plants which are better suited to the conditions!

I will leave you with my favourite quote, possibly for this year...

So when you get a chance, plant a tree for the future. They will probably need it in 20 years time.


  1. I also have been evaluating what blogs to keep reading and supporting and what not to. The same with some forums. I even have second thoughts about writing a blog at all these days.

    My golden rule for other blogs has been reciprocal-if you don't read or comment on mine but I do yours, well then adios amigos and good luck. Nowadays though, I almost feel like so much as been done and said about the things we are trying to do with our planet and land that blogging about it seems redundant. That goes for me too obviously:)

    I like your knew focus a lot. It might be a new trend to write about what makes us happy, especially in the U.S. where statistics say that a majority of Americans are seriously unhappy. Thats just wrong!!!!

  2. Australia is heading in the same direction in terms of being unhappy. It's ironic the more we gained financially as a country, the less happier we became. But it doesn't have to be that way. Some are bucking the trend. :)

    It's about picking your actions, isn't it? Finding the ways and activities that make your life enjoyable. It doesn't have to be anything flash, just a simple pleasure that brings joy. Planting trees is my absolute joy. I love it! Dirt up my fingernails, the smell of fresh compost, and the sound of water hitting the leafs as it's watered for the first time. Of course I can't plant many trees now, lol. Not for another few months, but I do get to watch David plant them.

    What makes you feel happy? Is it preparing food, eating food or growing herbs?

  3. If you can see the movie called "Happiness" which is a documentary, you'd like it. A man who lives in a one room, three walled shack in India is interviewed. He's so very happy because his son meets him at the tea shop everyday after work. His life and his lot in life as a rick shaw driver is enough for him, even if he's poor.
    We in the West, we never have enough of anything....not even love. That's pretty sad to me.
    What makes me happiest is harvesting herbs and formulating. Always loved my laboratory;)

  4. Are you your own guinea pig in the laboratory, lol? ;)

    We are whenever we grow something in the garden to eat too!

  5. Always be your own lab rat first! Lol!


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