Friday, June 14, 2013

House in order

It's been a tumultuous month since our second baby arrived, but I finally feel like I can start getting our house in order. I've accepted my house is going to have a new sense of "clean" in, it may never be spotless again! Perhaps I can save that shining perfection for after the children leave home?

 That's where it got to!

This past month has been about letting go of my expectations and running with what's directly in front of me. About embracing this new sense of disorder, with a beautiful sense of accomplishment.

It's a lot easier accepting baby's cry, feed and do other baby stuff when they need to, instead of beating myself against an expectation that things should be "just" so, or remember when things used to be like...

Can we really cut 'n paste fragments of time, to keep our reality in check?

 My watch but who's counting?

Life rarely stays the same though, and I'm swept into this new sense of direction. I'm embracing and smiling as if it were exactly how it was meant to be. Dis-ordered chaos. Yep! That's my house alright, and I'm completely okay with that. I can still make it a beautiful way to live, by choosing not to argue with reality.  I put my attitude on and feel great immediately.

 Ready to bake another day

The dirty dishes and laundry, do eventually get done. My food covered floors, do eventually get swept. At the moment, I've been sorting through stuff I no longer need and re-purposing items I've always intended for other uses.

I'm even starting to think "plants" again. Several sad culprits are in desperate need of re-potting, if I'm to save them at all - and it's not too late to take hardwood cuttings from some of my deciduous trees and roses.

Little things, really, but it all adds up. I'm happy to say, I've got plenty to keep me busy without being obsessed with too much detail. Anything which is achievable and productive, keeps me smiling - especially if it allows me to come and go as our new baby demands. Life is pretty good, even if I don't get all the sleep I want and get covered in baby vomit.

Isn't it all the little things which helps keep life interesting?


  1. Ahh yes, the new normals of newbornhood. Congratulations on your little man's safe if slightly event filled arrival.

    Kind Regards

  2. Definitely a new kind of normal Belinda. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. Chris, I just got caught up on yours and Peter's story. I've thought about you over the days, and apologize for not getting here sooner!

    Peter is so amazingly precious. What a gift. I'm so thankful it turned out well, even though there were some bumps in the road.

  4. So happy that you are happy and content. You deserve both.

  5. Thank you Leigh & LindaM for your kind support. :)

  6. It sounds as if you have a very positive attitude. Life can be very difficult with a newborn and such a balancing act. Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. Such a handsome little fellow.

  7. What a great post, Chris. I think it rings true for a lot of us. I remember similar frustrations when my two were babes. I kept telling myself to enjoy the time because it would pass before I knew it. I don't remember the then, dirty laundry or unswept floors. But I do have a treasure trove of beautiful memories.

  8. Hi there, I bumped into your mother of all people, on the Brisbane to Warwick bus on my way to see my father, Fred Inman. I am down from Canada and staying in Stanthorpe for the next four nights, it would be great to talk to you on the phone or Skype or Facebook.

  9. Apologies for the absence folks, but school holidays has me preoccupied with kids activities. :)

    Thanks for the compliments purplepear. Newborns are certainly a challenge, but they also grow so quickly! With a grandson of your own now, I bet you know exactly what I mean. We cannot stop the clock but we can certainly enjoy every moment.

    Leigh, special memories are a fine thing to have. It's wonderful you still treasure yours. Enjoying what you had when you had it, was a good call. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    Hi there beadyeye, fancy meeting you here! Will have to catch up for sure. Isn't the world a small place, when you happen to run into my mum on a bus to a small town. I hope your dad is well. Will shoot you an email soon. :)

  10. Chris, I don't feel so bad then. I have been missing from the blog world altogether myself:) Hope things remain happy for ya!


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