Sunday, June 2, 2013

Peter's Story - day 5

Day five from birth was coming home day! Our little guy had been through so much in the Special Care Nursery. He started with a feeding tube in his nose, which then became a glucose drip in his wee little hand, that lead to a nasty course of antibiotics.

For the record, I believe a lot of this was unnecessary, but that's a subject for another post. Because when it was the day to come home for Peter, nothing could have wiped the smile from my face.

Returned to hospital 24 hours after my discharge
I kept my hospital tag on, until we arrived home together

With the feeding tube removed from his nose, I was able to successfully breastfeed him for the first time before we left the hospital. I couldn't wait to leave the place, but we will miss "Lincoln" who was Peter's little premature room buddy. He was so tiny compared to Peter, yet just as robust!

 You've earned the rest, Peter

My boy looked just like a regular baby now. No more facial bruising, and I even noticed how much blonder he appeared, than his older sister when she first left the hospital. But they both still had Dad's long eyelashes!

Mum's papoose

I almost felt like a prison escapee when I tucked my precious little bundle under my wing and fled the hospital confines. We had our own paparazzi following our every step though, with David clicking madly to capture everything - even when we finally wrangled him into the baby capsule to drive home.

Dad's got you!

But driving home was the best feeling of all, because 24 hours earlier I was arriving home after my discharge without our baby boy. I stayed in the car for at least 10 minutes, afraid to go inside and not find him there. All of those five days had been spent in a matter of confines. I couldn't take him out of the Special Care Nursery, I couldn't feed him, nor could I hold him close - not without some tangle of medical tubing getting in the way.

Yet coming home that day made up for it all. We brought him home and he was where he belonged. We all took our turn holding and adoring him.

Our two treasures

We even got that precious picture of sister and brother, we failed to capture at the hospital. She likes to hold her little brother - in fact, we all do. The novelty hasn't worn off for any of us. Although the occasional sore arm reminds us to swap sides more frequently! I swear we can see him growing every day.

Never too young to start garden appreciation

Of course, what would be coming home without a casual walk through the garden. I couldn't wait to show him everything out there. In a day of patchy weather, we were even fortunate to catch some afternoon rays too.

A fitting end to a tumultuous five days - or - so we thought...


  1. Very sweet photos and I just love how you took him to walk in the garden. That is just so special to hear.

  2. I couldn't wait to show him the garden! Even though babies are still developing their senses, I can't imagine a more magical experience than walking through a garden with living plants, air and sunshine moving all around you. Babies and parents paradise. :)

  3. Babies pick up on your mood too so I am sure he found himself in a very nice place out there in his mommies loving arms as well as in your beloved space.

    1. My bad here LindaM, I forgot to comment on your second reply. Only two months late, LOL. How quickly time flies! Thanks for all your wonderful support on my blog and all the lovely things you say. :)

  4. My goodness!! A new baby - congratulations Chris. I hope you're enjoying your little one. Gum Nut says hello :)

  5. I know, Jacqui, weird huh, LOL? I'm so glad to hear Gum Nut is still clucking along. She's such a darl'in. :)

  6. What a beautiful baby. Congratulations :-)

  7. Thank you Joyful for commenting. I may be a tad bias, but we think he's beautiful too. ;)

    I noticed you from The Frugal Trenches blog, so thanks for popping in to say hello.

    1. Aw, thank you for noticing me from TFT blog ;-) I appreciate your tip on my blog. I'll be giving it a whirl if the latest "trick" doesn't work.


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